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See Who's Tracking You Online

Collusion plug-in enables writer to spot her Internet trackers

(Newser) - Facebook and Google are tracking you. Your cell phone is tracking you. Your cell phone images are being uploaded without your knowledge. And that's not all, Veronique Greenwood writes in Discover : Many sites you visit are amassing information about you and selling it to advertisers. Inspired by an... More »

Facebook Tracks You Even After You Log Off: Lawsuit

Two attorneys file class-action suit over tracking cookies

(Newser) - Facebook is facing a class-action lawsuit over claims that it violated privacy laws by continuing to track users even after they logged off the site. The suit was filed by two renowned Baltimore attorneys on behalf of plaintiffs Laura Maguire and Christopher Simon, the Daily Record reports. The attorneys accuse... More »

Firefox Add-on Makes Hacking Facebook a Breeze

Firesheep downloaded more than 100K times in 24 hours

(Newser) - A Firefox extension that makes it simple for users to hijack accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of other popular sites has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in 24 hours. The Firesheep add-on allows users to scan public WiFi networks and, via cookies, steal login details from unsecured... More »

Shopping Sites Use Your Cookies to Vary Prices

Cookies track location, habits to enable 'dynamic pricing'

(Newser) - One of the attractions of online shopping is that items have one price in the digital world. Or we think they do. In fact, stores on the Internet use those cute tracking cookies that remember your password to remember a lot more about you, including your physical location and shopping... More »

Obama Rethinks Ban on Tracking Web Visitors

(Newser) - Privacy groups are up in arms over a White House proposal to allow tracking technology to be used on government websites, the Washington Post reports. Supporters argue that social networking sites have used cookies and other tracking tools to spectacular effect, but the ACLU says the proposal is a “... More »

Feds Want to Help Cover Your Web Tracks

FTC aims to limit companies' ability to watch consumers

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission is considering guidelines governing how online advertisers target consumers based on their Web surfing—and some lawmakers want them to be mandatory, the Washington Post reports. Privacy advocates are pushing to limit behavioral tracking, but some Internet companies say that could mean sites won’t be... More »

6 Stories