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Boy Sees Mom Clearly for First Time: 'She Was Pretty'

Chris Ward's community more than foots $15K bill

(Newser) - Chris Ward, a 12-year-old fifth-grader from Bedford County, Va., was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition that limits his vision to objects within just 5 inches of his face. He's learned to read Braille and do math using an abacus. But when his mother and teacher took him... More »

What Gadgets Not to Buy ... Yet

Hold off if you can on TVs, iPhones, and laptops: Wirecutter

(Newser) - Good things come to those who wait, and technology is no exception. At the Wirecutter , Brian Lam lists a few hot items not to buy yet, or you'll be kicking yourself later.
  • TVs and home theater equipment. The reviews for the latest TVs will be available around mid-year, and
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Kodak Is Done Making Cameras

Yes, including digital ones

(Newser) - It's the end of an era: Eastman Kodak, the company that invented the hand-held camera, announced today that it intends to stop making them in an effort to save money—and yes, that includes digital cameras. It will also stop making pocket video cameras and digital picture frames, reports... More »

Website Can Find Stolen Cameras

It uses data hidden in old photos to scan the web for new ones

(Newser) - The Consumerist takes note of a nifty website that might help you track down a stolen digital camera. The site, , works on a relatively simple formula. You drag and drop one of your old photos taken with the camera, and the site extracts signature data from it and... More »

Digital Pioneers Scoop Physics Nobel Prize

Trio's work on light paved way for Internet, digital cameras

(Newser) - The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded today to three scientists whose research into light paved the way for the digital age. Charles Kao received the prize for his work on the transmission of light through fiber-optic cables—the basis of modern communication networks. Bell Labs researchers Willard Boyle and... More »

Apple Will Roll Out iPods With Cameras

(Newser) - Apple will unveil a new line of iPods complete with point-and-click cameras on Sept. 9, Apple Insider reports. In addition to the 3.2-megapixel camera—which, according to a “Taiwanese rumor site,” will grace the probable last-generation hard-drive iPod in addition to the Flash-based Nano and Touch—Apple... More »

Digital Polaroid Doesn't Have Same Charm

Company is back with instant photos, but the fun is gone

(Newser) - Polaroid may be out of the film business, but it's trying to reclaim its place in the market of instant photos. With the goal of winning back the hearts of nostalgic point-and-shooters, Polaroid has unveiled the diminutive PoGo, combining a standard digital camera with an onboard, ink-free printer. But FastCompany’... More »

Cool Tech at CES, But It's Useless

3-D TVs, wristwatch cellphone are among the excellent gadgets

(Newser) - The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show is full of “incredible technology,” Larry Magid writes for CNET. Problem is, it’s all “in search of a practical purpose,” making this year the “year of the gimmick.” Magid runs down a few wowee gadgets of dubious usefulness.... More »

Bright Spots for Tech in 2008

(Newser) - 2008 wasn’t a great year for tech or the economy, but some gadget-makers did invest in innovation, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Areas where tech made more than token gains:
  • Digital cameras grow up: Not only are consumer cameras getting sharper, but some professional models can now record
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Finally, a Real Phone Camera

Picture-perfect phone closes the shutter on camera phone rivals

(Newser) - Adding a camera to a phone isn't exactly a novel concept, but the Motozine ZN5 breaks the mold by making it a proper digital camera instead of a feeble afterthought, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. For quality, he raves, "the ZN5’s photos trump anything offered... More »

5 Gizmos Nixed by Cellphones

(Newser) - Cellphones have sent five once-hot gadgets to the techno graveyard, Wired reports:
  • The PDA: Dating back to the Psion Organizer 24 years ago, PDAs enabled busy folk to schedule meetings, keep addresses, and type notes. Only when cellphones included good calendars did PDAs die off.
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Nikon's New Camera May Exceed Hype

It's the first so-called SLR to allow users to shoot high-def movies

(Newser) - The Nikon D90 isn’t just another shiny new camera: it’s a “mind-blowing, game-changing” hunk of high-tech equipment, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. Why? It’s incredibly fast, has an amazing range of lenses and comes with a ton of gizmos. But here’s the... More »

New Site Lets Microbloggers Post Short Videos

'12 Seconds' aims to do for video what Twitter did for sentences: shorten

(Newser) - Sick of spreading your message by text alone on sites such as Twitter, but not ready to actually talk to your friends face to face? Worry not: a new site, “12 Seconds,” allows you to post video updates from home or on your mobile device, Mashable reports. The... More »

Photos Tell Who, What; New Card Can Tell Where

'Wickedly clever' Eye-Fi memory stick notes picture location

(Newser) - Add geotagging to the list of must-have features for digital photo buffs. Yep, David Pogue writes in the New York Times—no more need to note where you took pictures. The newest Eye-Fi memory card—a WiFi-enabled sliver that uploads pictures automatically—also tags photos with a location. The downside:... More »

New HD Cameras Don't Cut It

Demands of high-definition video overwhelm these digital cameras

(Newser) - Many digital cameras also shoot video, and two new cameras from Kodak and Panasonic take that feature one step further by adding the capability to shoot high-definition footage. At price tags under $500, a fraction of an HD camcorder, the Kodak EasyShare V1073 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 would seem too... More »

Polaroid Out of Instant-Photo Biz

It will make enough film to last through '09, then turn focus to digital

(Newser) - The Polaroid photo company, whose familiar white-bordered snapshot has become an "icon," is leaving film behind to zoom in on digital equipment, Bloomberg reports. The Massachusetts company was founded in 1937 and in 1948 released the first instant camera, pulling in huge profits—but with the popularity of... More »

Japan Hosts Camera Phone Film Festival

48 tiny videos yield intimate close-ups from around the world

(Newser) - Featuring 48 judge-selected short movies, each of them shot using a camera phone, Japan's Pocket Film Festival marks the dawning of a new era in amateur film making. Without special effects or fancy camera-work, the pocket-flicks, like winners "Thumb Girl" and "Walkers," are all close-up and intimate... More »

Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired

Number one is a slinky, and that's awesome

(Newser) - Wired editors have picked out their gadget wish list for the holidays this year, and while the list includes some high-tech toys like TVs and palmtops, it starts out with a standby: a slinky.
  1. Slinky (everyone knows it's slinky)
  2. Nokia N810 (open source palmtop)
  3. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (invincible wristwatch)
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10 Businesses Not Long for This World

Say goodbye to retail categories overtaken by modern reality

(Newser) - New technology is changing the business landscape as once-profitable ventures like record stores and used book shops close their doors forever. bets against 10 businesses that it says will be extinct by 2017:
  1. Record stores
  2. Camera film manufacturing
  3. Crop dusters
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Post-Yahoo Photo Solutions

The WSJ examines the competition

(Newser) - Yahoo is shuttering its popular photo sharing site in September, but never fear—there are plenty of alternative places to dock your digital pics. The Journal surveys the field:
  • Kodak Gallery is the easiest to navigate, but lacks editing tools and requires a yearly purchase commitment.
  • Shutterfly is totally, no-strings-attached
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