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Forgot a Prenup? It's Never Too Late

Those who still want to cover their assets can draw up a postnup

(Newser) - If you've awoken from the daze of a whirlwind engagement and marriage only to find yourself unprotected by a prenuptial agreement, don't fret: Lawyers are happy to draw up a marriage contract after the vows. Postnuptial agreements are the new matrimonial trend, embraced by hedge-fund managers and beat cops alike,... More »

Aussies Elude Attempt to Serve Papers Via Facebook

Couple hid profile before attorney could act

(Newser) - The Australian debtors who were the object of a judge’s ruling that legal documents could be served via Facebook have remained one step ahead of the law, Ars Technica reports. After verifying the home-loan defaulters’ full names, birthdates, and “friend status” on their profile pages, an innovative attorney... More »

Mom Wanted to Give Caylee Up

Casey Anthony, a mother at 19, is person of interest in 3-year-old's disappearance

(Newser) - Casey Anthony has repeatedly lied to Florida officials investigating the case of her missing 3-year-old daugther, Caylee, the AP reports. Documents released this week also indicate that the 22-year-old mother is universally distrusted by those who know her, and that Anthony attempted to give up her daughter for adoption, but... More »

After Gay Ruling, Calif. Scrambles to Fix Paperwork

Current marriage licenses provide only for 'bride' and 'groom'

(Newser) - The recent California Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriages has spawned a persnickety problem: what to do about current forms mentioning the "bride and groom" four times and prohibiting “alterations.” While one official assured the AP of “compliance with the court order,” an activist was... More »

4 Stories