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We're Running Out of Corgis

Low registration may put them on Kennel Club's 'vulnerable' list

(Newser) - In a serious threat to adorable viral videos, it appears corgis are facing the dog-breed equivalent of endangerment. With just 241 Pembroke Welsh Corgis registered this year, the breed is currently on Britain's Kennel Club's "at watch list": if 300 aren't registered by January, they'll... More »

Kennel Club Recognizes 3 New Dog Breeds

Icelandic sheepdog, Leonberger, and Cane Corso make the cut

(Newser) - The American Kennel Club has recognized three exotic breeds, clearing the way for the pooches to compete in the highest level dog shows. Though new to the AKC, these aren't Labradoodle-style canine innovations: the Icelandic Sheepdog, for example, one of the newly recognized breeds, may be the oldest established breed... More »

Scottie Favored to Take Westminster Best in Show

Whippet, bulldog, puli and poodle headed for finals tonight

(Newser) - The card for tonight’s Best in Show competition at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show isn’t even filled yet, but speculation is rampant. Sadie the Scottish terrier will compete against others from her group today, and is favored to win. Should that happen, her breed is an 8-to-1... More »

Tibetan Mastiff Fever Sweeps China

Majestic breed becomes status symbol

(Newser) - A dog bred to guard farms and herds on the Tibetan plateau has become the latest status symbol for China's wealthy elite. Purebred Tibetan mastiffs, one of the biggest breeds of dogs, can sell for over $500,000 in China. Celebrity mastiffs, weighing in at close to 180 pounds, can... More »

Want a Dog Like Bo? Here's Your 11-Page Application

Potential buyers face tough application process

(Newser) - Since Bo Obama became first pup, everyone seems to want a Portuguese water dog, the Wall Street Journal reports. Good luck with that. Though requests are soaring, the nation's approximately 200 breeders are a pretty picky bunch. About 1,400 puppies are born each year, and only 1 in 10... More »

Cute Dog Craze Yields Dumber, Weaker Breeds

Shift from function to fashion impairs dog brains: study

(Newser) - Humans' quest for beautiful, quirky "leash candy" is making man's best friend dumber, weaker, and more introverted, reports the Times of London. Bred less and less to be hunters, guard dogs, and herders, current breeds can do little more than look pretty, a Swedish study of dog behavior has... More »

US Imports its Drug-Sniffing Dogs for $4,500 Each

American breeders outraged over European preference

(Newser) - The US government purchases hundreds of untrained bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs from Europe every year for as much as $4,535 each, quadruple the price of American dogs, a new federal report says. Domestic breeders and spending watchdogs are angered by the government's penchant for expensive foreign purebreds. "What... More »

7 Stories