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Found Around Chernobyl: Hundreds of Playful Pups

Dogs' ancestors were abandoned by residents after the nuclear plant meltdown in '86

(Newser) - Tarzan loves to fetch sticks, run after snowballs, and is, per Julie McDowall, "a playful example of global kindness and cooperation." Writing for the Guardian , McDowall explains that Tarzan is one of hundreds of stray dogs living in the 1,000-square-mile exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant,... More »

Dog Deemed Part Wolf Saved From Euthanasia

Judge reverses decision, will send 'Karma' to a wolf sanctuary

(Newser) - When Josh and Tiffany Ogle were arrested in a domestic violence dispute in Orange County in May, the couple lost their four kids to foster care and their dog Karma was impounded. At that point animal control deemed the animal a wolf-dog hybrid that could not get the rabies vaccine... More »

In Cats vs. Dogs, History Answers

Cats are responsible for the extinction of 40 early canine species

(Newser) - It's official: Cats are better than dogs. Better predators, that is. So say researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences after looking at more than 2,000 fossils of prehistoric cats and dogs in North America. It turns out that when cats arrived on the continent... More »

Study: 'Golden Wolf' Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

We just thought it was the African golden jackal

(Newser) - Africa, home to the Ethiopian wolf and the gray wolf, can now lay claim to the African golden wolf—the first new species of canid (which also encompasses jackals, foxes, and coyotes) to be discovered in 150 years, reports National Geographic . The new species has long been misunderstood to be... More »

Your Dog Can Tell if Someone Is Mean to You

They'll even refuse food from people who snub their owners

(Newser) - Your dog really may be your best friend, according to a new study out of Japan that highlights just how far canine loyalty can go. In a study to be published later this month in the journal Animal Behaviour , cognitive researchers at Kyoto University found that dogs will actually ignore... More »

Flu Sickening, Killing Chicago's Dogs

Canine flu has hit 3 states so far

(Newser) - Amid a debate over vaccinations for humans , Chicago veterinarians are advising pet owners to consider vaccinating their dogs in an effort to curb a canine flu outbreak. Between January and March, the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control says five dogs died of canine infectious respiratory disease caused... More »

Why Dog History Remains a Blur

Those darn Victorians did it

(Newser) - Our ignorance about canine history can be blamed, ironically, on our own love for dogs, LiveScience reports. Scientists recently tried tracing dogs' genetic lines—and culling out details of their early domestication—but lost track in the 19th century, when Victorians established today's standard breeds. The 15,000 years... More »

Lou Reed to Stage Concert... For Dogs

'High-frequency' tunes will be inaudible to humans

(Newser) - American musician Lou Reed and his wife, performance artist Laurie Anderson, are planning an "inter-species social gathering"—otherwise known as a concert for dogs. Yes, a dog concert. The show, aptly titled Music for Dogs, will be held outside the Sydney Opera House in June and will feature... More »

Dogs Aren't Human—But They're Close

Their rise raises the question: What rights does a dog have?

(Newser) - When your dog's “soulful eyes” watch you, trying to discern your needs, it’s easy to forget the animal is not your child or your “wing man,” John Homans writes. Dogs have moved off the farm and into our homes, where they eat gourmet diets, relax in... More »

Gadget Translates 'Woof' into Words

Japanese toymaker debuts dog translator next month

(Newser) - Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? The “Bowlingual Voice” from Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy claims to be able to tell you just that, the Telegraph reports. The device is made up of a microphone and transmitter on the collar that categorizes the dog’s utterances into one of... More »

They Don't Call Him Fido for Nothing

Dogs are ethical, full of natural goodness, scientist says

(Newser) - Science is finally catching up to what dog owners have known all along: Canines are ethical. After thousands of hours studying dogs—once dismissed as "furry automatons," an author said—animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff concluded that they possess the capacity for empathy and compassion, the hallmarks of morality.... More »

Researchers Hope Canine Brain Holds Clues to Ours

(Newser) - At Harvard and labs across the country, researchers are turning to dogs for clues on how their brains—and ours—work, the Boston Globe reports. “Psychologists have been ignoring animals that were sleeping quietly at their feet,” one professor said, but no longer. Dogs understand pointing better than... More »

Rourke Loses Dog Who Was 'Love of His Life'

(Newser) - Loki, the Chihuahua who figured prominently in Mickey Rourke’s Golden Globe acceptance speech, died Monday, E! Online reports. The 18-year-old dog accompanied Rourke on the red carpet at the awards. The Oscar-nominated actor is very attached to his canine friends. “Sometimes, when a man is alone, that's all... More »

Dogs Get Jealous: Study

But canine envy is simpler than that felt by primates

(Newser) - Dogs can indeed get jealous, a new study shows. While it’s known that other primates feel envy, the report offers the first evidence of the green-eyed monster in canines. Dogs were paired up and commanded to put their paw in an experimenter’s hand, and then given unequal rewards:... More »

'Dog Years' Just Don't Add Up

The '7-year' rule is too simplistic, veterinarians say

(Newser) - A human year is 7 dog years, right? That ubiquitous formula has been driving veterinarians and dog enthusiasts nuts for decades. If it were accurate, some pooches would live to the equivalent of age 150 or so, Carl Bialik writes in the Wall Street Journal. For those who must convert,... More »

US Imports its Drug-Sniffing Dogs for $4,500 Each

American breeders outraged over European preference

(Newser) - The US government purchases hundreds of untrained bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs from Europe every year for as much as $4,535 each, quadruple the price of American dogs, a new federal report says. Domestic breeders and spending watchdogs are angered by the government's penchant for expensive foreign purebreds. "What... More »

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