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New Tool to Fight Paralysis: Spinal Zaps

Study shows patients regaining some movement

(Newser) - New hope is emerging for those left paralyzed by spinal-cord injuries. Electrical zaps to the spinal cord offered several patients the ability to move their legs again, researchers find. Two of four male patients studied since 2009 were living with complete motor and sensory paralysis—no movement or feeling in... More »

As Economy Improves, More Americans Pack Up and Move

Increasingly older people, many headed to Florida, new Census data finds

(Newser) - In search of greener pastures? You're not alone: More than 7 million Americans moved state last year, the highest number in four year. But it isn't just young folks seeking out new horizons, reports the Wall Street Journal , middle-aged and older Americans are increasingly the ones relocating long-distances.... More »

Urban Sprawl Is Literally Stranding the Poor

Paul Krugman thinks social mobility is suffering, poor stay poor

(Newser) - Detroit spent the last decade spiraling into bankruptcy, while Atlanta spent it growing like mad. But the two cities have something in common: "Both are places where the American dream seems to be dying," writes Paul Krugman at the New York Times . Social mobility is low in both... More »

'Movin' On Up' in America? Not So Much, These Days

Studies reveal large mobility gap

(Newser) - The idea of "movin' on up" has long been an integral part of the American Dream, but a discouraging amount of research shows it's not as easy as it once was to elevate oneself from humble beginnings. In fact, America has less economic mobility than much of Western... More »

Would Kerouac Be a Nuppie?

Designers making it easier for nomadic urban professionals to get on the road

(Newser) - The evolving lifestyle of nuppies—nomadic urban professionals—and upscale designers' efforts to outfit them catch the attention of Greg Beato, writing in Reason. Casulo, a trunk "crammed with enough stylish furniture to outfit a studio apartment," is one such easily transported option; a pair of mobile homes... More »

5 Stories