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Toshiba to Make Solid-State PC Disks

Joins competitors in effort to create demand for flash memory

(Newser) - Toshiba will start making flash-based solid-state drives for laptops, the company said Monday. The Japanese memory chip maker is trying to create more demand for flash chips, reports Reuters. Solid-state drives, which offer a faster boot-up than hard disk drives, are used in portable devices, but aren't mainstream yet in... More »

5 Flash Games to Ease You Into the Workweek

Free online offerings get better at helping you waste time

(Newser) - Flash games aren’t just Tetris rip-offs anymore. Online freebies are more innovative and ambitious than ever, GigaOM says, and they include these five must-play distractions:
  • Grow Cube: A quirky, imaginative puzzler that forces you to think ahead and rewards you with nice animations.
  • Warbears: Lead a crack squad of
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Kodak Sets Sights on Flashless Future

New low-light sensor could snap flagging company out of slump

(Newser) - Kodak showed off a new technology today that enables digital cameras to capture clearer pictures in low light—without a flash. Kodak revealed the innovation just as the enduring photography company finishes up its long and costly transformation to digital and begins to tap into its valuable portfolio of patents. More »

3 Stories