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North Korean 'Fans' Actually Chinese Actors

Real North Koreans not allowed to leave country

(Newser) - Remember those rambunctious North Korean fans who made the trek to South Africa to watch their country take on Brazil? They were supposedly “hand picked” by Kim Jong-Il. Well, turns out they were hand picked right out of China. No actual North Korean fans were allowed to leave the... More »

Thousands Protest South African Violence

Largest newspaper calls for president to step down for failure to stop killing

(Newser) - Thousands of South Africans marched through Johannesburg yesterday to protest anti-immigrant rampages that have claimed at least 50 lives. Carrying placards comparing the violence to apartheid, marchers brought traffic to a standstill, Reuters reports. The action was organized by labor unions and churches. The nation's largest newspaper today called for... More »

2 Stories