Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Pentagon Drops Drone-Pilot Medal

Award angered veterans, drone opponents

(Newser) - The Pentagon has nixed a new medal for drone pilots before anyone was nominated for it. The Distinguished Warfare Medal, announced by Leon Panetta just before he left the Pentagon, angered veterans as well as those taking issue with drone tactics, the Washington Post reports. A veterans' petition hit the... More »

'Vets for Weed' Swipes Logo, Sparks Melee

And group has no intention of ceasing its use: rep

(Newser) - The VFW is stirring up quite a bit of controversy—no, not Veterans of Foreign Wars, but Veterans for Weed. In addition to co-opting the VFW acronym, the pro-marijuana-legalization group also uses a logo that looks like the POW/MIA icon, except with the soldier smoking a joint. The real VFW... More »

VFW: White House Insulted Us

Group accuses President Obama of snub

(Newser) - The VFW is not happy with President Obama: In what it's calling a first, the group’s annual convention this week will not feature a top-tier official from his administration. Obama himself addressed the VFW two years ago, and Joe Biden did so last year. This year the president... More »

Obama to Vets: Afghan War Is 'of Necessity'

Prez also assures VFW confab that medical benefits won't change

(Newser) - President Obama defended the war in Afghanistan, spoke optimistically about Iraq, and tried to iron out misconceptions about health care reform today in a speech at a VFW convention, the Washington Post reports. “The insurgency in Afghanistan didn't just happen overnight. And we won't defeat it overnight,” he... More »

Obamas Will Visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon

(Newser) - President Obama will visit two national parks during a family trip to the Mountain West next week, the Denver Post reports. The first family will travel to to Colorado and Montana in addition to Wyoming, home of Yellowstone, and Arizona, where they'll see the Grand Canyon. More »

Iraq Barbs Get Sharper; Bitter Road Ahead

Candidates have flaws to exploit—if attacks don't get personal first

(Newser) - Appearances by the presidential contenders at a veterans convention highlight not only substantive differences on the Iraq war, Dan Balz observes in the Washington Post, but a growing undertone of personal enmity. After McCain yesterday questioned Obama’s judgment on the troop surge as politically motivated, Obama’s “indignation... More »

McCain Rips Obama on Defense

Accuses Dem of putting 'political self-interest' over 'national interest'

(Newser) - John McCain blasted Barack Obama’s “shifting positions” on Iraq during a speech before a veterans group today, the New York Times reports. McCain slammed Obama for a vote against troop funding, and anti-surge statements. “Both candidates in this election pledge to end this war and bring our... More »

Oldest WWI Veteran, 107, Looks Back

KC ceremonies honor last living doughboy, enlistee at 16

(Newser) - Memorial Day observances in Kansas City this weekend had a very special guest: the last surviving American veteran of the Great War. Frank Buckles, 107, who hoodwinked a recruiter to enlist in 1917, was honored today at the World War I Museum, Fox 4 News reports. "I was gung-ho,... More »

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