Reggie Love

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What It Was Like to Be Obama's 'Body Man'

Ex-aide Reggie Love spills secrets, including a tiff between president, Hillary

(Newser) - Reggie Love played football and basketball at Duke and had planned on a career in the NFL or NBA, but instead, he became President Obama's "DJ, his Kindle, his travel agent, his daughters' basketball coach, his messenger, his punching bag, his alarm clock, his vending machine, his chief... More »

Meet Michelle's 'Body Woman'

Kristen Jarvis came up in Obama's Senate office, and has proven stellar

(Newser) - Kristen Jarvis has had tough jobs. She joined Barack Obama’s office in 2004, when he was a newly minted senator. But that was nothing compared to last year’s presidential campaign, when she was given a different charge: Michelle Obama. As her "body woman," Jarvis did everything... More »

Meet Obama's Shadow

Reggie Love takes care of candidate's every need

(Newser) - Reggie Love is rarely more than a body length away from Barack Obama, but the ever-present aide isn’t a body guard or a strategist—heck, the 26-year-old doesn’t even have a job description. “It was just like, ‘You just go out there and… Take. Care. Of.... More »

3 Stories