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Birth Season Affects Your Temperament

Hungarian study says summer babies have more mood swings

(Newser) - Getting moodier as you grow older? That may be because you were born in summer—assuming, of course, that you were born in summer, according to a new study out of Hungary. Researchers in Budapest who analyzed 400 people say they found a direct connection between the subjects' temperament and... More »

Gordon Brown Staffers Contacted Bullying Hotline

UK PM's employees reached out 3 or 4 times in recent years

(Newser) - A UK bullying hotline has received "three or four" calls from an unexpected source—Gordon Brown's office. The head of the National Bullying Helpline stopped short of calling the famously short-tempered PM a bully, adding, "What we are saying is staff in his office working directly with him... More »

Got a Temper? Blame Your Genes

(Newser) - Why some people get steamed while others stay cool depends on which version of a certain gene they carry, the Daily Telegraph reports. German scientists isolated a gene that affects dopamine levels. In a study, people with the least common variation showed little anger. Those with the other two mutations... More »

McCain Denies '87 Sandinista Tussle

Candidate doesn't know what colleague is talking about

(Newser) - John McCain denies colleague Thad Cochran's recollection that he physically assaulted a Nicaraguan official in 1987, the New York Times reports, saying “it’s simply not true.” The Mississippi Republican remembers that McCain “reached over and grabbed this guy by the shirt collar and…snatched him up... More »

Webb's Famed Anger Is His Strength

It's no liability, but rather what makes him an important Dem

(Newser) - James Webb's legendary temper spurs worry that saps energy from the argument for a Barack Obama-Webb ticket. But it's exactly that quality that makes him an attractive possibility, Eve Fairbanks writes in the New Republic. It’s not just his “capacity to hormonally invigorate a party sick of its... More »

'Wingnutty' Webb Can't Be Obama VP

Loose cannon off-base on women, civil rights; won't get white vote

(Newser) - Many liberals are pining for James Webb to be added to a Barack Obama ticket, but the Virginia senator is “completely unacceptable”—severely lacking on affirmative action (which he has called “state-sponsored racism”), on women’s issues (he’s said females in the military “poison”... More »

6 Stories