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Back at Work, Jobs Zeroes In on New Apple 'Tablet'

Liver transplant has not diminished CEO's attention to detail

(Newser) - Just months after a liver transplant, Steve Jobs is back at Apple focusing his powerful micro-managerial style on development of a new tablet computer, the Wall Street Journal reports. Jobs’ close involvement with the tablet device signals that it will likely be a major product for Apple. During the development... More »

BlackBerry Storms Onto Touch-Screen Market

'Clickable' screen feels more like a keyboard

(Newser) - Hoping to broaden its corporate image and dethrone the iPhone, Research in Motion unveiled its first touch-screen smart phone today, reports CRN. The BlackBerry Storm will be available later this fall on Verizon’s US network, RIM said. The phone features a unique “clickable” touch screen that depresses slightly... More »

HP's Touch Still a Bit Clumsy

TouchSmart PC 'fun,' 'versatile,' 'attractive,' Mossberg finds, but not quite there yet

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard’s revamped TouchSmart PC, a one-piece desktop computer with a touch-controlled user interface, improves on its previous, bulky iteration, with a sleek case, big 22-inch screen, and wireless keyboard and mouse, personal-tech guru Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. But the touch-screen software is still in its... More »

Paper Ballots Rock the Vote

Touch screens decline; 55% of US will have choice read by scanner

(Newser) - Paper ballots are making a comeback in many states after problems plagued electronic voting systems—thanks in large part to issues with Florida's hanging chads in 2000. At least 55% of US ballots in November will be cast on paper, then optically scanned, the Boston Globe reports. Security isn't expected... More »

Harrah's Rolls Dice on Surface

Microsoft's touch-screen tables debut at Rio

(Newser) - A Las Vegas casino has become the first to roll the dice with the much-touted Microsoft Surface, a touch-screen table that lets gamblers order drinks, watch YouTube videos, and even flirt. Harrah’s Rio hotel yesterday installed 6 of the tables, which start at $10,000, the AP reports. “... More »

Microsoft to Offer Windows Touch Screen

iPhone-like screen, due by 2010, signals need to replace Vista

(Newser) - Microsoft, still smarting over consumer discontent with its Windows Vista operating system, yesterday offered a peek at the touch-screen operating system it believes will revolutionize personal computing, the Wall Street Journal reports. The OS isn’t expected to hit shelves for 20 months, but already is creating buzz with its... More »

6 Stories