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Arrest Made in Hunt for London Attack Suspects

Threat level still at critical after 'significant arrest'

(Newser) - British police have made a "significant" arrest in the urgent manhunt for suspects a day after the London subway blast that injured more than two dozen people, authorities say. Police say that an 18-year-old man was arrested by Kent police Saturday in the port of Dover on the English... More »

Trump's Call After London Attack: Get 'Proactive & Nasty!'

Attacks shows need for tough travel ban, he says

(Newser) - Rarely reticent after overseas incidents, President Trump spoke up early Friday after news streamed across the pond of a rush-hour explosion in the London Underground that injured at least 18 people. He railed on Twitter against the "loser terrorists," calling those responsible "sick and demented people who... More »

18 Hurt in Terror Attack on London Underground

Blast caused panic during rush hour

(Newser) - An explosion and fire on a London Underground train caused panic and injuries during rush hour Friday morning. Police, ambulances, and firefighters were called to the Parsons Green station in the southwest of the city after the blast, which authorities are now calling a terrorist attack, the Guardian reports. Photos... More »

London Boosts Terror Alert Amid Tube Attack Fears

Level raised to 'severe,' patrols increased

(Newser) - The terror threat level has been raised to "severe" at London's transport hubs amid fears that militants are planning a Mumbai-style terrorist attack. Intercepted information suggests that airports and the London Underground could be targets, sources tell CNN . Vacation time has been canceled for transport cops, and extra officers... More »

Dubai Unveils Gulf's First Metro

Sheikhdom aims to get drivers onto public transport despite rock-bottom fuel prices

(Newser) - Dubai yesterday opened its gleaming new $7.6 billion metro rail system, the first on the Arabian peninsula, AP reports. The sheikhdom's leaders hope the system will help clear Dubai's chronically traffic-clogged streets and provide some good press for the downturn-battered emirate.  Each 5-car train on the driverless system... More »

Commuters Down the Tube as Strike Hits London

Underground out of service, but strikers have little support

(Newser) - London commuters faced a trial to get to work today as a subway strike pushed millions onto buses, bikes, and boats. The 48-hour strike began last night after talks broke down with one of the Tube's unions over disciplinary measures against two train drivers. Some lines are running irregularly, however,... More »

London Subway Workers Set to Strike Tomorrow

(Newser) - After failing to reach an agreement with management, London Underground workers will go on a two-day strike starting tomorrow evening, Reuters reports. The dispute over worker safety could affect millions of commuters and tourists. London transportation authorities say they will add extra buses and ferries to accommodate the disruption. More »

Brits Missed Chances to Nab Leader of London Attacks

But he was never called a threat: report

(Newser) - UK authorities crossed paths with the top planner of the 2005 London bombings six times, but never labeled him a threat, a parliamentary report out today concludes. Almost every time Mohammad Sidique Khan appeared on police and MI5 records, it was in connection with possible extremists, the Guardian reports. But... More »

Smooching Gets Kiss-Off in London Rail Station Ban

Lip-lockers confined to 'kissing zone'

(Newser) - "Mind the Kissing Ban" could become the watchphrase of London train stations just as its subways are known for the "Mind the Gap" warning. Officials have posted signs barring kissing in certain sections of the renovated Warrington Bank Quay station because tarrying lovers are causing too much congestion,... More »

London Mayor Bans Subway Boozing

End of the line for lushes

(Newser) - One of the first acts of the newly elected mayor of London was to ban drinking alcohol on London's Tube subway system and buses, USA Today reports. The ban, which was a campaign pledge by Boris Johnson, will take effect Sunday. Public drinking has been commonplace in Britain for decades. More »

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