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Wall Street Execs Still Fly Private Jets

Costly travel rationalized as time saver

(Newser) - Six ailing Wall Street firms that eagerly took bailout funds still spend thousands to operate fleets of private jets that whisk their executives to company—and personal—events, AP reports. AIG, which scooped up $150 billion from the government, beats its peers with a seven-jet fleet. Fuel alone for a... More »

Job-Hunting Execs Find It Tight at the Top

Financial crisis leads to surplus of six-figure jobseekers

(Newser) - Laid-off execs scrambling to find new six-figure salaries are facing fierce competition, Time reports. Thousands of high-end white-collar jobs have vanished recently, and many more are expected to go. Some top-level vacancies are still appearing, as execs retire or change jobs, but companies looking to fill their most powerful positions... More »

AIG CEO Cuts His Pay to $1

Edward Liddy gives up his salary and bonuses, others expected to follow

(Newser) - As Congress continues to bail out corporate America, CEOs are canceling bonuses and cutting pay for their top executives—but no one has come close to AIG top executive Edward Liddy, reports the New York Post. The CEO, who took over the troubled insurance company in September, will take home... More »

FDIC's Bair Tops Women to Watch List

Corporate world remains male dominated, but that, too, is changing

(Newser) - While two of Wall Street's top women—Morgan Stanley’s Zoe Cruz and Citigroup’s Sallie Krawcheck—fell from grace this year, the global economic storm has pushed several others, like the FDIC’s Sheila Bair and Bank of America’s Barbara Desoer to the top of the Wall Street ... More »

Wall Street Execs Ponder Slashing Their Own Pay

Bailed-out finance firms may cut compensation to silence critics

(Newser) - Top Wall Street execs are considering heading off public outrage by cutting their own pay, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal. The big financial firms pay out billions in bonuses to their execs every year. They now fear a public relations disaster is looming as critics charge that the $125... More »

Top Black Donors Emerge as New Force

Business leaders see parallel of their own rise in Obama

(Newser) - Barack Obama's rise to the top of the Democratic Party has a special resonance for one group: African-American business leaders who, like the candidate, were among the first blacks to enter into all-white industries. As the New York Times reports, black lawyers, bankers, and corporate titans see in Obama an... More »

Exec: I Was Fired for Not Donating to Mitt

CEO asked employees to give; denies man lost job over refusal

(Newser) - An ex-executive with a Chicago-based consulting group has filed an employment bias complaint, alleging that he was fired in part for his refusal to donate to Mitt Romney’s campaign, the Wall Street Journal reports. The complaint offers a rare glimpse into the machinery of corporate donations. In emails seen... More »

In Good Times and Bad, Looks Matter

Execs' trustworthy appearance can mislead consumers

(Newser) - Did so many people believe IndyMac CEO Michael Perry's assurances that his company was doing fine because of his baby face? A forthcoming study suggests that soft features like "large eyes, small nose, high forehead and small chin," engender more favorable bias in viewers, the Washington Post reports.... More »

CNN Reporter: Corp. Execs Pushed Media to Play Up War

Jessica Yellin explains 'deferential' attitude Scott McClellan alluded to

(Newser) - CNN reporter Jessica Yellin charged on-air last night that “the press corps was under enormous pressure from corporate executives” to present the Iraq war consistently “with the patriotic fever in the nation and the president's high approval ratings.” Responding to Scott McClellan’s complaint that reporters were... More »

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