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'Wal-Mart Mom' Voters Swing, Will Be Crucial

Shift of working white women to GOP spells trouble for Obama

(Newser) - Polls clearly show the white women's vote swinging away from Barack Obama and it's a particular group the candidate needs to worry about most, Karen Tumulty writes in Time. Soccer moms comprised the key swing group in 1996, and "security moms" did last election, Tumulty notes. This time, it's... More »

Battle Is On for the Female Vote

McCain's veep choice could draw some vital votes away from the all-male ticket

(Newser) - The GOP is betting that John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate will put 18 million dents in the Democrats' White House hopes, the Washington Post writes. The party hopes the choice will woo disaffected Hillary Clinton voters, while many Democrats dismiss it as pure political pandering.... More »

Two National Polls: Obama Up 9, 8

Age more of a problem than race

(Newser) - Barack Obama leads John McCain nationally in a new Quinnipiac poll, 50% to 41%, with huge advantages among female and young voters. The two split independents with 44% apiece, and McCain led 47%-44% among men and 49%-42% among white voters, the Boston Globe reports. Far more respondents said they were... More »

McCain Makes Pointed Pitch to Women; Dems Skeptical

With Clinton gone, women's-rights group quick to line up behind Obama

(Newser) - John McCain is fine-tuning his pitch to women, and while Democrats voice doubt the Republican can find a female following, they’re nevertheless gearing up to make sure it doesn’t happen, the Washington Post reports. McCain sees opportunity in disappointed Hillary Clinton backers, and top adviser Carly Fiorina today... More »

Obama's Female Veep Hopefuls Aren't Clintonesque

McCaskill, Napolitano, and Sebelius don't play up gender, aren't divisive

(Newser) - Unlike Hillary Clinton, the three leading female contenders for a spot on Barack Obama’s ticket aren’t divisive figures and haven’t played up their gender. Ben Adler, writing for Politico, takes a look at Kansas guv Kathleen Sebelius, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Arizona guv Janet Napolitano. More »

5 Stories