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He Wrote a Gibberish Paper via Autocomplete, Found Success

Looks like anyone can be a nuclear physicist

(Newser) - When New Zealand professor Christoph Bartneck received an invitation to submit a paper to the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics in the US, he was skeptical given he has "practically no knowledge" of nuclear physics. So he decided to use his iPhone's iOS autocomplete function to... More »

Science Journals Rife With Error, Fraud

Retractions up 15-fold over past decade in 11,600 scientific publications

(Newser) - The number of retractions in scientific journals has surged 15-fold over the past decade, rising to 339 last year from 22 in 2001—far faster than the 44% increase in the number of articles published over the same period, reports the Wall Street Journal in an investigation of 11,600... More »

Scientists Retract Paper Touting Sperm From Stem Cells

But say attribution, not science itself, at issue

(Newser) - A paper by British scientists on the creation of synthetic human sperm had to be retracted from the journal Stem Cell and Development, AFP reports. The paper, which reported the revolutionary creation of sperm from stem cells, included text written by another scientist, who was not credited. The retraction is... More »

Scientific Journals Battle Doctored Images

Publications see fraud in submissions; screening on the rise

(Newser) - Scientific journals' status as bastions of objectivity and truth has come under fire in the past 10 years because of "image fraud," the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. Researchers alter representations of scientific data for inclusion in journal articles for various reasons, and not all have evil intentions.... More »

4 Stories