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How Does Whole Foods' $3 Wine Actually Taste?

Not bad, according to one reviewer

(Newser) - Two-Buck Chuck has long been a Trader Joe's institution, and now Whole Foods has its own value wine. It's not quite as cheap as the Chuck—Charles Shaw wines go for as low as $1.99—but you can snag the Three Wishes Vineyards offerings for $3. The non-vintage wines... More »

Sauvignon Blanc: The New Safe Drink

Has managed to escape Chardonnay-type backlash

(Newser) - Sauvignon Blanc is officially the new safe drink—it's cheap, consistent, and, all of a sudden, it's everywhere, writes Lettie Teague for the Wall Street Journal . "It's the only wine I drink by the glass," a friend tells Teague. "I feel like I always know what I'm... More »

Multifaceted Chardonnay a Welcome Surprise

Price does matter, but it's possible to find exciting varieties

(Newser) - Chardonnay is ubiquitous, but the “countless weak versions,” especially in the $10 category, disappoint wine lovers, writes Eric Arnold in Forbes. Nevertheless, Americans gulped down about 60 million 9-liter cases in 2008. If you’re willing to beef up your budget and experiment a bit, you may be... More »

Bridget Jones Sinking Sales of Chardonnay?

UK wine critic blames fictional neurotic for giving it a bad name

(Newser) - The thirtysomething neurotic character Bridget Jones is getting the blame for plummeting sales of chardonnay in the UK, the Independent reports. The fictional publishing assistant miserably pours herself a tall glass after each one of her attempts at landing a husband fails—not exactly a great marketing tool. "Chardonnay... More »

4 Stories