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One Airline Just Ditched Windows in First Class

Emirates Airlines is giving them 'virtual windows' instead

(Newser) - This may not be good news to white-knuckle flyers, but Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is testing a new kind of flight experience—one without windows. Instead of looking through actual windows, passengers in the first-class cabin of Emirates’ newest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will view the outside via images projected by fiber-optic... More »

Airbus Adding Sleeping Berths to Some Planes

Berths with beds will be rolled out by 2020

(Newser) - Anyone who's ever wished for the comfort of their own bed during a long-haul flight will be excited to hear Airbus will soon offer the next best thing. The jetmaker has plans to create beds for the cargo holds of its Airbus SE planes, Bloomberg reports. The beds will... More »

Pilot Spreads Holiday Cheer Over Germany

Flight path of Airbus test forms Christmas tree

(Newser) - A pilot has traced a virtual Christmas tree over Germany on a test flight with an Airbus A380, the AP reports. Airbus spokesman Heiko Stolzke told news agency dpa Thursday that the nearly 5½-hour flight the previous day was "a standard internal Airbus test flight before the delivery... More »

New Black Boxes Won't Slumber on the Ocean Floor

Airbus' next generation is designed to float

(Newser) - There have been a number of instances where a plane has gone down at sea and the black box was never found—most recently in the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 . When it comes to avoiding that fate, the ultimate goal is to get the flight recorders off the... More »

Airbus Says Flying Car Will Be Tested by End of Year

But first it has to figure out how to keep it from crashing into things

(Newser) - The future is now! Or, at least, by the end of the year, according to the CEO of Airbus. Reuters reports Tom Enders announced Monday that the company plans to test a prototype self-piloting flying car by the end of the year. He says Airbus has the "technological wherewithal"... More »

Russia Wants This 'Cool' New Jet to Dominate the Sky

MC-21 to rival Boeing, Airbus models

(Newser) - Who needs Western planes? Not Russia, apparently. The country has just unveiled the MC-21, the first Russian "medium-range passenger aircraft developed this century," reports RT . Revealed in what the Guardian calls a glitzy ceremony in Irkutsk, the twin-engine jet is meant to rival Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The... More »

This New Seat Could Be the Solution for Obese Flyers

As well as for families and the elderly

(Newser) - More than one-third of US adults are considered obese, CBS News reports. Now a French airplane manufacturer thinks it has a solution to keep those Americans comfortable when they take to the skies. According to NBC News , Airbus filed a patent application for a bench seat on Feb. 11. The... More »

'Uber for Helicopters' Is Here

Uber, Airbus partnering for new venture

(Newser) - Imagine being able to use Uber to call a copter instead of a car. Airbus is partnering with Uber to make that dream a reality, the Wall Street Journal reports. Airbus will provide helicopters to Uber for use with its "on-demand services" in what the Airbus CEO calls an... More »

Airbus Thinks It Can Reduce Your Jet Lag

New line of jets has LED lights designed to help

(Newser) - If it works, it could be an air-traveling perk to trump all others: no more jet lag. Airbus is making the bold claim that it can at least reduce the malady for those aboard its new A350 XWB line of jets. The main tool is a set of LED lights... More »

Oops: American Air Took Wrong Plane to Hawaii

Airbus wasn't certified for long flights over water

(Newser) - Good news, twitchy fliers: Your fears of flying aren't completely irrational . The latest tale of concern comes via American Airlines, which apparently managed to fly the wrong plane to Hawaii last month in a decided FAA no-no. The incident, first reported by aviation blogger Brian Sumers after he spotted... More »

Cause of Fatal Plane Crash: Erased Engine Data?

Accidental wipe may have stalled 3 of plane's 4 engines: documents

(Newser) - An investigation into a military plane crash in Spain last month is in the early stages, but investigators already have a theory as to what went wrong: computer data that control the Airbus A400M military carrier's turboprop engines had accidentally been wiped from the system. The files—called "... More »

Passenger Jet Loses Power, Drops 2.5 Miles

Both engines lost power on Singapore Airlines flight

(Newser) - Singapore Airlines says it's investigating how one of its jets suffered a loss of power in both of its engines over the weekend and descended 13,000 feet—nearly 2.5 miles—before regaining altitude en route from Singapore to Shanghai. The Airbus A330-300 was carrying 182 passengers and... More »

World's Newest Jet Makes First Commercial Flight

Qatar Airways debuts Airbus A350

(Newser) - The world's newest jetliner, the Airbus A350, took to the skies today carrying its first paying passengers from Qatar to Frankfurt, Germany. The Qatar Airways flight marks the debut of the relatively lightweight, twin-aisle, long-range plane, which promises to connect smaller cities with major aviation hubs nonstop at a... More »

Airbus Wants to Patent Giant 'Flying Doughnut'

You'd enter through the 'doughnut hole'

(Newser) - If you were thinking of designing an aircraft shaped sort of like an enormous doughnut, we have some bad news for you: Airbus has already called it. The company has filed a patent application for a passenger aircraft in that very shape, the Financial Times reports. Why go for the... More »

At Dubai Airshow, Boeing Scores Huge $130B Payday

Its 777X appears to be big winner, with at least 225 orders

(Newser) - Boeing Co.'s planned 777X long-haul airliner grabbed the bulk of orders today at the first day of the Dubai Airshow, with at least 225 planes on the books in an eye-popping display of the spending power and aggressive expansion efforts of Gulf carriers. In total, Boeing says that... More »

JAL Stiffs Boeing With $9.5B Airbus Buy

First time Japan Airlines has bought planes from European firm

(Newser) - Japan Airlines is buying its first-ever jets from Airbus in a deal with a list value of $9.5 billion. The purchase of 31 A350 planes deals a blow to US rival Boeing, which had been JAL's star supplier for decades. Airbus Chief Executive and President Fabrice Bregier and... More »

Look Out, Boeing: Airbus A350 Takes 1st Flight

Light-weight, wide-body plane a serious competitor to 787

(Newser) - The Airbus A350's maiden flight ended with a safe landing today, setting the stage for intensifying competition with US rival Boeing in the long-haul wide-body aircraft market. Airspace at the airport in the southern French city of Toulouse, where Airbus has its headquarters, closed for both take-off and landing.... More »

Airbus Nixes Lithium-Ion Batteries for Latest Plane

Concerns over Boeing 787 lead Airbus to scrap controversial battery

(Newser) - Airbus abandoned its plans to use lithium-ion batteries for its new A350 airplanes due to the uncertainty surrounding the technology following the grounding of Boeing's 787, the company said. The European aerospace group said yesterday it would revert to conventional nickel-cadmium batteries for the A350. The plane is a... More »

Airbus Plans First US Assembly Line in Alabama

Mobile plant could produce dozens of A320s per year

(Newser) - Airbus plans to invest several hundred million dollars in a new plant in Mobile, Ala., which would be the European plane manufacturer's first factory on US soil, sources tell the New York Times . The move would ramp up its competition with Boeing, which has been the only company building... More »

'Hell' on JetBlue Flight Over Vegas

Hydraulic system fails on Airbus A320, plane circles for hours

(Newser) - Be glad that you were not on Sunday's JetBlue flight from Las Vegas to New York, which one passenger describes as "four hours of hell." The plane's hydraulic system failed, causing it to careen from side to side and go into dizzying turns, and the passengers'... More »

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