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Real Culprit of Benghazi Talking Points: Petraeus, CIA

'Washington Post' says they were mostly intended to make the CIA look good

(Newser) - So far, most of the public anger about the Benghazi scandal has focused on the State Department. But the Washington Post has an in-depth piece today suggesting that the real blame for the infamous talking points may lie with everyone's favorite philandering ex-spy chief, David Petraeus. "It was... More »

New Emails Keep Benghazi in Spotlight

State Department toned down CIA's initial draft in regard to 'extremists'

(Newser) - If this week made anything clear about Benghazi, it's that the issue isn't going away anytime soon. The latest development is that ABC News got its hands on 12 different versions of talking points and emails that show how the CIA's initial draft on what happened got... More »

Pelosi's CIA Charges Hardly Jibe With Obama Talk Points

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi’s accusation that the CIA lied to Congress about waterboarding will likely have broad political consequences, Chris Cillizza writes in the Washington Post. In the short term, Pelosi has stolen President Obama’s thunder on credit-card reform and could force the early announcement of a Supreme Court nominee... More »

Feminism's Heir: She Can Fake It Like the Boys

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is a “genuine heir” to feminism’s tenet that women can compete with men at any level: She “clawed her way to the top” in Alaska using all the same cutthroat tactics men do, writes Gail Collins in the New York Times. In the debate, she... More »

Frankenstein Betrays His Master

McClellan flips sides but still a master of mindless talking points

(Newser) - In Scott McClellan, the White House built a Frankenstein monster to regurgitate its “talking points, monotonously if not mindlessly, no matter what argument or fact stood in the way,” Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post. Well now the monster is back, with “famous fealty to his... More »

5 Stories