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Texas High Court: Bosses Can Lie to Workers

Judges side with DuPont chemical co.

(Newser) - Employees in Texas, take note: Your boss can lie about your future in the company and get away with it, Main Street reports. A Texas Supreme Court ruling supports the way E.I. du Pont de Nemours (known as DuPont) apparently let go of workers—by getting them to join... More »

Texas Lawyers Fight Divorce-by-Form

State Supreme Court insists on making divorce process cheaper, easier

(Newser) - Divorce lawyers in Texas regularly charge $100 or more an hour, and the state Supreme Court wants to give couples looking to end their marriages a cheaper option: fill-in-the-blanks forms, made easy enough that they often eliminate the need for lawyers entirely. Unsurprisingly, Texas lawyers are fighting the move, reports... More »

Texas Court Upholds $5 Strip Club Entrance Fee

Judges say small charge not an improper restriction on nude dancing

(Newser) - Texans headed to a strip club tonight will indeed have to pay a $5 entrance fee. The state's all-Republican Supreme Court overruled lower courts today and deemed the so-called "pole tax" constitutional, the AP reports . The fee has been levied since 2007 on clubs that both serve booze... More »

Sect Kids Aren't Going Home

Lawyer objects at last minute to release of 460+ children

(Newser) - The parents of children taken from a polygamist ranch in Texas will not see their kids on Monday after all. At the last minute, a lawyer objected to the state's deal with the sect and stopped the judge from ordering the children's release. Now the judge plans to get them... More »

4 Stories