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Nielsen to Add iPads, Xbox, Streaming to TV Ratings

It hopes to have new software in place this year

(Newser) - With fewer people watching TV in the traditional manner and more turning to broadband, iPads, and even the Xbox or PlayStation, the Nielsen Co. plans to expand how it measures program ratings, reports the Hollywood Reporter . By September, Nielsen expects to have new hardware and software in its 23,000... More »

96.7% of Homes Have TVs, 1st Drop in 20 Years

Rocky economy, online TV to blame: Nielsen

(Newser) - The rocky economy and an upswing in Internet viewing contribute to a surprising new statistic: In America, 96.7% of households have a television set—down from 98.9% previously. It's the first such drop in two decades, the New York Times notes. The Nielsen Company, which collected the... More »

Editor & Publisher Will Shut Down

Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, go to private equity consortium

(Newser) - Editor & Publisher and Kirkus Reviews will shut down after the Nielsen Company today sold off most of its other magazine properties—including Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter—to a new media consortium. Nielsen spun the move as a chance “to strengthen investment in our core businesses,” reports... More »

Drivers Pump Less, Run Out of Gas More

Philly AAA calls double as drivers run out of gas

(Newser) - Strapped-for-cash drivers hit by rocketing gas prices are putting less in their tanks and gambling on having enough to last the week—but many don't make it. Calls to AAA for help from out-of-gas drivers in Philadelphia have doubled since prices began to spiral, AP reports. More »

4 Stories