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Gazans Stuck in Israel Tunnel

No way out for those trapped in Erez passage en route to West Bank

(Newser) - Hundreds of Gazans hoping to escape Hamas are boxed in a filthy tunnel at a major crossing point with Israel, awaiting safe passage to the calmer West Bank. Israeli authorities are citing security concerns in checking the Palestinians, some of whom were wounded when Hamas attacked the tunnel at the... More »

US Must Bolster Fatah to Defeat Hamas

Peace with Israel will have to wait, says columnist

(Newser) - In the wake of Fatah's collapse in Gaza, and the subsequent takeover by Hamas, the US and its Mideast allies should focus on cleaning up corruption-tainted Fatah and making it more responsive to the Palestinian people, argues Dennis Ross in the New Republic. That is the only hope for a... More »

Israel Plans Attack on Gaza

Olmert government making plans for military action to destroy Hamas

(Newser) - The Israeli government is readying its army for an invasion of Gaza, in the wake of Hamas' victory in last week's civil war against Fatah there. The London Times, quoting Israeli military sources, says defense minister apparent Ehud Barak has drawn up plans for an incursion with 20,000 troops,... More »

3 Stories