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What Happens When a Beer Truck Crashes Into a Chips Truck

That's one tasty Florida highway

(Newser) - It wasn't a happy hour for some central Florida drivers when trucks carrying Busch beer and Frito-Lay chips collided, spilling them both along Interstate 95 early Wednesday morning near Melbourne in what KUSA is calling a "couch potato's dream." Per the AP , Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman... More »

Woman Sues Frito-Lay Over 'All Natural' Claims

Tostitos, Sun Chips made with genetically modified oil: suit

(Newser) - Almost exactly one year ago, your helpful Newser editors informed you that Frito-Lay had big plans for 2011: to make 50% of its line from "all-natural" ingredients. And according to one California woman, that effort has been a big fail. Julie Gengo has filed a class-action lawsuit against Frito-Lay,... More »

Diabetic Walgreens Worker Fired for Taking Chips

Her blood sugar was low, but chain has zero-tolerance policy

(Newser) - What's worth more: An employee who's worked for 18 years with an unblemished record, or a $1.39 bag of chips? For Walgreens, the latter. Josefina Hernandez, a diabetic employee at a San Francisco Walgreens store, grabbed a bag of chips to boost her blood sugar when she... More »

Sun Chips Bags: Louder Than a Jet Cockpit

Going green isn't always good ... on your ears

(Newser) - Today’s hard-hitting investigative report from the Wall Street Journal : The new Sun Chips bags are loud. Like, really loud. The new bags are biodegradable and compostable (good), but as a result, are also more “crispy and crunchy” (bad). The poor Sun Chips fans who just want to be... More »

Chill Chips May Take Heat Off Computers

Tiny cooling system could eliminate bulkier fans, enable new leaps

(Newser) - Researchers have developed a tiny refrigeration system to keep computers cool, an invention that will do away with the clunky fan currently used—and potentially lead to much smaller and faster devices, Computerworld reports. The team at Purdue University expects the technology to be ready for installation within 2 years. More »

Chip Makers Tussle for Gadget Niche

Intel, competitors stake out mobile internet device market

(Newser) - Following the lead of Intel, builders of high-tech microchips are shifting their focus to portable gadgets dubbed MIDs—mobile internet devices that are bigger than cell phones but smaller than computers. industry leaders like Samsung and Nvidia are dashing to release the more powerful chips that boost battery life and... More »

6 Stories