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11 Stars Who Are Estranged From Their Folks

Brie Larson says she used the experience for 'Room'

(Newser) - Fame doesn't necessarily guarantee ideal familial relations. Ranker rounds up celebrities who are estranged from their parents. A sampling:
  1. Brie Larson: The Room star says her own childhood inspired her performance. Her parents divorced when she was 10, and she ceased contact with her dad when she was 16.
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Rosie's New Galpal: Tatum O’Neal

At least according to the rumor mill

(Newser) - Have Rosie O'Donnell and Tatum O'Neal moved in together? That's what a source tells Radar , weeks after the two were first spotted out together on what appeared to be a hot date. Rumors of a romantic relationship have been flying ever since, though O'Donnell's rep... More »

7 Child Stars Who Crashed and Burned

Fame didn't work out so well for them

(Newser) - For every Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes making constant headlines, there's a lesser-known child star ( Pippi Longstocking, anyone? ) getting in their own troubles. Radar rounds up 20 ex-child stars who "flamed out spectacularly." A sampling:
  • Jodie Sweetin: After playing Stephanie on Full House, she struggled
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25 Youngest Oscar Nominees and Winners

Not all child stars are like Lindsay Lohan...

(Newser) - Sometimes child stars grow up to be Lindsay Lohan. Other times, they get nominated for an Oscar at age 14 and grow up to be Jodie Foster. Huffington Post rounds up the latter in its slideshow of the 25 youngest Academy Award nominees and winners, all of them aged 20... More »

Ryan O'Neal: Tatum Drama All Oprah's Fault

Winfrey didn't work her magic, he complains

(Newser) - Bad news: Turns out Oprah Winfrey is not always the magic antidote for what ails you, a lesson Ryan O’Neal learned the hard way: It seems that simply appearing in a reality show on her Oprah Winfrey Network did not manage to fix the long-troubled relationship between O'Neal... More »

O'Neal: Maybe Tatum Drama Caused Farrah's Cancer

Family drama probably won't improve after this interview

(Newser) - Well, this probably won’t help their already fragile relationship : Ryan O’Neal thinks family drama, much of which revolved around his kids, may have caused partner Farrah Fawcett’s fatal cancer. "What bothers me the most is that there was turmoil during my love affair with Farrah. A... More »

11 Dumbest Celebrity Alibis

We're not believing Charlie Sheen any more than we believed these others

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen had a bad reaction to some medicine , which caused him to trash a hotel room and have a hooker-related meltdown? Suuuuuure. The New York Daily News rounds up more ridiculous celebrity excuses:
  • Britney Spears: Why did she drive with a 4-month-old baby on her lap? Because that’s
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O'Neal: I Hit on My Own Daughter at Farrah's Funeral

Tatum, sadly, not surprised at this

(Newser) - Ryan O’Neal held little back in his Vanity Fair interview, including a story illustrating his “hopeless” parenting: At Farrah Fawcett’s funeral, “I had just put the casket in the hearse and I was watching it drive away when a beautiful blonde woman comes up and embraces... More »

Ryan O'Neal, Son Busted for Meth

Malibu cops' probation check on Redmond, 23, bags 67-year-old dad

(Newser) - Actor Ryan O'Neal received a rude awakening this morning as he and son Redmond were booked for allegedly having drugs in their Malibu, Calif., home, People reports. Police found "a vial of drugs" believed to be methamphetamines in Ryan's bedroom during a probation check on the younger O'Neal, who,... More »

Tatum Thanks Cops for Drug Bust

O'Neal says arrest saved her from backsliding

(Newser) - Tatum O’Neal is thanking the police who busted her for buying drugs Sunday. "Just when I was about to change that and wreck my life, the cops came and saved me!" the actress tells New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser. She says the death of her Scottish... More »

Tatum O'Neal Nabbed in Crack Bust

Oscar-winner arrested buying drugs near NYC apartment

(Newser) - Troubled actress Tatum O'Neal, who wrote a book on her addiction to drugs and alcohol, was arrested last night for buying crack cocaine down the block from her Manhattan luxury condo, the New York Post reports. O'Neal, who at 10 was the youngest person to win an Oscar, for Paper ... More »

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