Bo Diddley

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Bo Diddley's Beat Sure to Carry

No moment of silence possible for rock's 'Originator'

(Newser) - You can’t have a moment of silence for Bo Diddley, J. Freedom du Lac writes in the Washington Post. It’s not that the music world hasn’t lost a great pioneer—it surely has. It’s that the mere mention of Diddley’s name sets your feet tapping... More »

Bo Diddley Dead at 79

Innovator could never capitalize on his status

(Newser) - Rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley, who made his first recordings in 1955 and was still touring last year, died today at 79, the AP reports. The singer and guitarist, born Ellas Bates in Mississippi in 1928, not only pioneered distorted guitar tones; his bragging, syncopated style foreshadowed rap as... More »

2 Stories