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Health-Conscious Fliers Might Want a Window Seat

Study suggests it's the safest pick to avoid catching germs from fellow travelers

(Newser) - Worried about catching a cold or the flu on an airplane? Get a window seat, and don't leave it until the flight is over. That's what some experts have been saying for years, and it's perhaps the best advice coming out of a new attempt to determine... More »

TSA Struggling to Deal With Out-of-Control Security Lines

Even the announced hiring of nearly 800 officers might not do the trick

(Newser) - The Department of Homeland Security is urging airline passengers to "be patient" with security lines during the busy summer travel season, the AP reports. But that might be easier said than done as more and more passengers miss flights while waiting in security lines for literally hours. According to... More »

Passengers on JetBlue Flight Cheered for Crying Babies

New ad asks passengers to cut flying moms a break

(Newser) - Something that's probably never happened in the history of aviation happened recently on a JetBlue flight from New York to California: Passengers actively rooted for babies to start crying. The one-of-a-kind flight was documented for a JetBlue Mother's Day ad released this week, Adweek reports. After passengers were... More »

You'll Never See Someone Vaping on a US Flight

Well, unless said e-cigarette smoker wants to face a hefty fine

(Newser) - For all those thinking the federal ban on "smoking" tobacco on commercial flights doesn't apply to electronic cigarettes, here's your unequivocal answer from the Department of Transportation : Nope. The DOT on Wednesday officially banned vaping "in all forms, including but not limited to electronic cigars, pipes,... More »

Your Pilot May Not Remember How to Fly a Plane

Feds warn about skills fading away as automation takes over

(Newser) - Where's Ted Striker when you need him? Probably not at the helm of a commercial flight, according to a new Department of Transportation report . It finds that automation has driven manual flying mostly out of the cockpit, leading to concerns that pilots may not be getting enough training to... More »

Study: Flying Really Is Getting Worse

Researchers find bad news in all 4 big areas studied

(Newser) - If you've ever found yourself complaining that flying was a much better experience back when you were a young'un, you're not just being a crotchety oldster: A study released today finds that flying is, in fact, worse than it used to be. The AP has highlights from... More »

Why We Fart More on Airplanes

Danish physician probes the science of flatulence

(Newser) - When someone passes gas at 35,000 feet, there's nowhere to hide—so a Danish doctor has come up with ways to fart less on airplanes and better disguise the odor when we do, the BBC reports. The doctor, Jacob Rosenberg, says the topic grabbed him on a long... More »

Why Are Plane Passengers So Into Tomato Juice?

The taste is different in a low-pressure environment

(Newser) - Tomato juice: It's not something many people crave on land, but in the sky, it's hugely popular. Germany's Lufthansa airline, for instance, has said it serves some 53,000 gallons of tomato juice per year—not so far off from its 59,000 gallons of beer in... More »

Passengers Team Up to Save Heart Attack Victim

As plane travels through remote territory

(Newser) - A man who suffered a heart attack on a plane survived thanks to some well-trained fellow passengers. A doctor, a pharmacist, and a police officer on board rushed to the man's aid and saved his life, as they recount in the British Medical Journal . To add to the drama,... More »

Birds' V-Formation Explained

It's even more impressive than you probably imagined

(Newser) - OK, this is just cool: We all know birds fly in V-formations, but an in-depth study into the pattern using high-tech GPS sensors has found just how precise a science the flight model is. After tracking and monitoring a flock of northern bald ibises—rare birds raised in captivity that... More »

Study Reveals Why Pilots' Farts Can Be Dangerous

...but passengers' are fine

(Newser) - Need to pass gas on a plane? No worries—assuming you're a passenger, says an oddball new study. In fact, researchers encourage you to go right ahead: Pressure changes associated with flying do indeed make us more gassy, and holding it means potential indigestion and heartburn, AFP reports. If... More »

Airline to Seat Passengers Based on Their Mood

AirBaltic flyers can choose whether to socialize or shut down

(Newser) - Sick of being stuck next to someone who pounds away on their laptop all flight long? Or do you get lonely flying and want to sit next to someone who shares your favorite hobby? Either way, at least one airline has your back, even if it is airBaltic. The Latvian... More »

At Last: Virgin Offers In-Flight Cell Phone Service

...But at a cost that will make your eyes pop

(Newser) - Has the glorious day finally arrived? The day when travelers can resign "airplane mode" to the dustbin of history and text, tweet, and call their way through a trans-Atlantic flight? Well, no. Not really. But Virgin Atlantic has announced plans to allow passengers flying from New York to London... More »

Bird Man: Yep, It's a Hoax

YouTube sensation 'fesses up on Dutch TV

(Newser) - Those CGI experts were right : The brief Bird Man phenomenon—in which we were enchanted by a guy flying with homemade wings —was a hoax. In fact, "Jarno Smeets" is actually named Floris Kaayk, and he says he's really a Dutch CGI artist, Gizmodo reports. He acknowledged... More »

So Who Is the 'Bird Man'?

Apparent scamster has fake resume

(Newser) - Oh-oh. The credentials of the supposedly flying "Bird Man" of Holland have flown the coop. "Jarno Smeets," who posted a wildly popular YouTube video apparently showing him flapping giant wings to take flight , posted credentials on Facebook and LinkedIn that don't check out. Film experts at... More »

Oops: Plane Mistakenly Warns Passengers of Crash

False alarm panics people on British Airways flight

(Newser) - It's 3am and you're snoozing on an overnight flight to London when a message plays over the PA: This plane may be about to crash. That's what happened to passengers on a British Airways flight from Miami last week, before the cabin crew told everyone it had... More »

5 Must-Have Apps for Fliers

Find tickets, new flights, even lounges

(Newser) - Every air traveler armed with a smartphone should load up on these five apps, says the Travel section of USA Today:
  • SkyScanner (Free): This app will hunt down the best price for your ticket. It scans not only all of the airlines' websites but all of the online travel agencies
... More »

Feds to Airlines: Stop Hiding Ticket Fees, Taxes

Carriers must advertise full price starting next month

(Newser) - Airlines will soon be forced to advertise the full price of tickets—including government taxes and fees—instead of a stripped-down price with an asterisk. The rule scheduled to go into effect in late January is designed to keep prospective fliers from getting a nasty surprise several steps into the... More »

TSA Agent Lets Rapper Keep Weed, Leaves Note

"C'Mon Son," chides baggage screener

(Newser) - TSA agents are basically known for collectively killing America's buzz, but here's an unusual exception out of the Denver International Airport: A TSA agent there discovered marijuana in rapper Freddie Gibbs' luggage, but instead of confiscating the weed, the baggage screener just left an admonishing note reading, "... More »

Cancer vs. Terrorists: 46% Say Scrap X-Ray Scanners

Nearly half in poll say small risk of disease isn't worth it: ProPublica

(Newser) - Almost half of Americans are against the use of X-ray body scanners in airports—even if they would detect terrorists with explosives—because of the low cancer risk they might pose, according to a poll conducted for ProPublica . The TSA aims to make the body scanners a common sight at... More »

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