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No, Those Aren't Hickeys on Olympic Athletes

They're bruises from 'cupping therapy'

(Newser) - If you watched Michael Phelps snag his 19th gold medal in Rio Sunday, you might also have noticed he had several red dots on his upper body like "a Gatorade bottle had given him a hickey," per Fox Sports . That's essentially what happened, but instead of a... More »

Bok Choy Diet Leads Straight to Hospital

88-year-old woman was eating 2 to 3 pounds of raw cabbage daily

(Newser) - An 88-year-old woman who took "eat your vegetables" a little too seriously wound up in the hospital after several months on a diet that included 2 to 3 pounds of raw bok choy per day. The patient was attempting to treat her diabetes, but she consumed so much of... More »

Study: Even 'Fake' Acupuncture Eases Back Pain

Back pain sufferers reported less pain with or without needles being used

(Newser) - Acupuncture without the puncture helped relieve back pain in a new study, Reuters reports. Researchers divided patients with chronic back pain into several groups and discovered that the groups who received conventional acupuncture with needles and those who received simulated acupuncture with toothpicks reported greater—and almost identical—pain relief... More »

Chinese Remedy Could Cut Cholesterol

Red yeast rice extract is rich in active agent in statin drugs

(Newser) - A Chinese supplement could help lower cholesterol in patients unable to tolerate statin drugs, ABC News reports. Extract of red yeast rice, a form of fermented rice that has been used in China for many centuries in medicine and food, is naturally rich in the active ingredient in the drugs.... More »

Cheap Malaria Drug Holds Promise for Millions

It's based on 2000-year-old herbal remedy

(Newser) - The lives of millions of children  may be saved by a new technique for producing a malaria drug at a 10th of the cost of current treatments, making it accessible the world's most impoverished people, reports the Independent.  The technique involves inserting a dozen synthetic genes into yeast cells,... More »

5 Stories