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Frozen Michigan Lighthouse Looks Out of This World

And a bit like an 'ice monster'

(Newser) - The addition of a smokestack to a lighthouse in St. Joseph, Mich., led some to describe the building as "unsightly," per the AP . It was anything but on Thursday, as the area was hit with chilly weather . In a video captured by photographer Joshua Nowicki, the outer portion... More »

Want a Lighthouse? Feds Giving Them Away

100 sold in 14 years, unknown number still available

(Newser) - Ever wish your man cave or summer retreat was in a lighthouse? You may be in luck, now that the federal government is selling or giving away dozens of them, the AP reports. They've shed 100 obsolete or unneeded lighthouses in 14 years, 68 of them freebies handed off... More »

Tallest Lighthouse in New England Sells for $78K

Maine tower is still active as a navigational aid

(Newser) - New England's tallest lighthouse has been sold for $78,000. The federal General Services Administration says the winning bidder for the Boon Island Light Station off York, Maine, is Art Girard of Portland, Maine. The GSA closed out an auction of the 133-foot-tall lighthouse tower on Aug. 17. The... More »

For Sale: 2 Lighthouses, Very Used

US puts two off Jersey coast up for auction

(Newser) - Looking for an oceanfront (and oceanback) getaway? The government has put two old lighthouses off the Jersey coast up for auction, reports the Star-Ledger . Bidding starts at $10,000 each at the General Services Administration website for the Romer Shoal Light Station and the Great Beds lighthouse. Previous lighthouses sold... More »

Lost Lighthouse Discovered a Coast Away

Enthusiast tracks down first beacon to employ a female lightkeeper

(Newser) - A lighthouse that once stood on a Cape Cod beach but was long thought destroyed has been found on a California cliff 3,000 miles away, the Cape Cod Times reports. The cast-iron lighthouse overlooked Wellfleet Harbor until 1925 when it was taken down and, locals thought, dismantled. Instead, an... More »

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