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Maker Explains Ride's 'Catastrophic Failure'

Corrosion ate away at beam for 18 years

(Newser) - The deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair last month was caused by "excessive corrosion" over the 18 years the Fireball ride had been in operation, according to ride maker KMG. Investigators in Columbus found that corrosion "on the interior of the gondola support beam dangerously reduced the... More »

Cops: Operator Turned NC Ride Into 'Deadly Weapon'

NC man charged with assault after 5 injured

(Newser) - The carnage at the North Carolina State Fair last week was caused by tampering with safety features on the Vortex ride, investigators believe. Arrest warrants state that Timothy Tutterrow, the ride operator, turned the ride into a "deadly weapon" by interfering with the technology, causing it to start again... More »

5 Hurt by NC State Fair Ride

Ride operator among those hospitalized

(Newser) - Five people, ages 14 to 39, were hospitalized following injuries caused by a ride at the North Carolina State Fair, WRAL reports. The ride operator was among the injured. Two were critically hurt, and some of those hurt were members of the same family, says the Wake County sheriff, per... More »

12 Conn. Kids Hurt When Ride Breaks

Swing ride suddenly lost power

(Newser) - A dozen children were hospitalized yesterday after a swing ride malfunctioned at a festival in Connecticut, sending children crashing into each other and the center of the ride in front of their horrified parents. One adult was also injured as the ride at Norwalk's Oyster Festival lost power, the... More »

Park Ride Again Strands Passengers 300 Feet in Air

Malfunctions for 2nd time this month

(Newser) - Thrill seekers might want to hold off on trying one especially thrilling California theme park ride: The Windseeker at Knott's Berry Farm has malfunctioned twice this month, leaving passengers dangling for hours. Yesterday, 20 riders were stuck for three and a half hours, 300 feet off of the ground,... More »

Spanish Carnival Ride Breaks Up, Kills 3

Ride broken while spinning, sending victims flying

(Newser) - Three people died and a teenage girl was injured in central Spain when a high-speed carnival ride broke apart early this morning, reports the AP . One of the arms on the Tarantula ride—which consists of four metal arms that spin around an axis, each with cars that spin—broke... More »

Armstrong Tweets Invite to Ride; Masses Clog Traffic

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong brought Scottish traffic to a standstill today after more than 200 cyclists answered his Twitter invitation for a casual bike ride. The seven-time Tour de France winner issued the invitation while in Glasgow to watch Irish rockers U2 perform tonight. "Hey Glasgow, Scotland! I'm coming your way,... More »

World's 10 Best Thrill Rides

Rides featuring heart-stopping plunges and gravity-defying loops

(Newser) - For intense thrill-seekers blessed with strong stomachs, the Boston Globe offers this list of the 10 scariest rides on the planet:
  • Superman Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England, Agawam, Mass.: Speeds of more than 77 mph and a 221-foot drop into a tunnel.
  • X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia,
... More »

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