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Morocco King Makes Unusual Move to Break Impasse

He just ousted the prime minister

(Newser) - In a highly unusual move, Morocco's king has ousted the designated prime minister in an effort to settle a five-month deadlock over forming a new government. A surprise palace statement late Wednesday announced that King Mohammed VI had removed Abdelilah Benkirane, the head of the Islamist party that won... More »

Dems' 'Civil War': Whether to Oust 'Toxic' DNC Chair

Debbie Wasserman Schultz still has the support of many

(Newser) - A dozen Democratic senators have discussed kicking the head of the DNC to the curb, an unnamed "pro-Clinton Democratic senator" tells the Hill . "There have been a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver Debbie Wasserman Schultz's head on,... More »

'Worst Crisis': Brazil Senate Poised to Decide Rousseff's Fate

Impeachment proceedings could result in Dilma Rousseff's suspension and trial

(Newser) - Last month, Brazil's Congress voted to start impeachment proceedings against its beleaguered president, Dilma Rousseff. It's now come down to the country's Senate, which will decide Wednesday if she'll be suspended and put on trial in what the New York Times calls a "watershed" vote... More »

Top NBA Agent: Time to Boot Union Boss

Billy Hunter has 'put personal gain' first: Arn Tellem

(Newser) - Leading NBA agent Arn Tellem has penned a letter to his clients—who make up some 12% of the players' union—"imploring" them to kick out the head of their union. Billy Hunter, who has headed the union since 1996, recently faced a critical outside audit; Tellem says Hunter... More »

Crystal Cathedral Boots Founder

Robert Schuller ousted over disagreement with board: son

(Newser) - As its finances spiral, the board of the bankrupt Crystal Cathedral has ousted the megachurch’s founder. Robert H. Schuller had “wanted to add board members,” but the board “didn't want that because they would lose control,” said his son. “They kicked him off... More »

Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler Replaced in Surprise Move

Unexpected move likely ouster: analysts

(Newser) - Pfizer abruptly replaced its CEO and chairman yesterday, saying Jeffrey B. Kindler was retiring after 4.5 years leading the world's biggest drugmaker to "recharge." Analysts saw the unexpected departure as an ouster, however, coming amid repeated failures from Pfizer's labs to produce new, much-needed blockbuster drugs, multiple... More »

Chavez: Ousted Prez Back to Honduras 'in Hours'

Venezuelan prez pledges support for Zelaya

(Newser) - Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya will return to the country “in the coming hours,” Hugo Chavez says. “We're behind him, we have to support him,” the Venezuelan leader said ahead of crisis talks hosted by Costa Rica’s president this weekend, Reuters reports. “This is... More »

OAS Boots Honduras Over Prez's Ouster

New gov't blows off Saturday deadline to reinstate Zelaya

(Newser) - Honduras has been suspended from the Organization of American States for refusing to reinstate its ousted president, CNN reports. The OAS had given the country’s new leaders until yesterday to hand power back to Jose Manuel Zelaya. Meanwhile, thousands held an airport demonstration to support Zelaya, who says he’... More »

The White House May Be Trying to Purge Pelosi

Kristol: Why else would CIA boss 'humiliate' his party's speaker?

(Newser) - After Nancy Pelosi suggested the CIA had misled Congress, the agency’s director fired back with a letter denying the claim. But the idea that Leon Panetta would send a letter “humiliating a House speaker of his own party” entirely of his own accord seems “almost inconceivable,”... More »

Sacked Commander Wrong for New Afghan Strategy

McKiernan's approach in Afghanistan too 'conventional,' officials say

(Newser) - David McKiernan was dumped as top American commander in Afghanistan yesterday, after less than a year, because his approach was too “conventional,” Pentagon officials tell the New York Times. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said “fresh eyes were needed” and “a new approach was probably in our... More »

Detroit Mayor's Job on Line in Hearing Today

Kilpatrick loses appeal to block fallout from love affair

(Newser) - A state hearing to determine if Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will be booted from office is back on the schedule today after the mayor lost an appeal to block it. Kilpatrick’s lawyer had argued that the hearing established Michigan's governor as "judge, jury and executioner," reports the... More »

Nuke Blunder Last Straw for Booted Air Force Brass

Secretary Wynne, chief of staff Moseley long at odds with Pentagon

(Newser) - The Secretary of the Air Force and the service's chief of staff were forced to resign today on the heels of a report highly critical of the handling of nuclear weapons and technology, the Air Force Times reports. More »

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