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AT&T Customers, Say Adios to No-Limits Broadband

AT&T says monthly cap will affect only 2% of users

(Newser) - AT&T is ending its unlimited broadband policy. Beginning May 2, the company will place a monthly cap on its subscribers, reports Engadget . If DSL subscribers go over the 150GB limit, or U-Verse subscribers top 250GB, then they will be charged an extra $10 for each additional 50GB (after two... More »

ISPs Should Stay With Flat-Rate Pricing

Analyst argues metered service will halt innovation and stunt growth

(Newser) - Cable companies are wooing Wall Street by saying they’ll offset expensive implementation of a new, high-speed software protocol by metering broadband Internet access. Bad move, Om Malik writes on GigaOm. Flat-rate high-speed access has enabled recent revolutionary innovation in the telecom business, which led to almost 70 million broadband... More »

2 Stories