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How to Reach World's Biggest Cave Chamber: Swim

Miao Room chamber can only be accessed via an underground stream

(Newser) - Cave-measurement contests may not get the average Joe's adrenaline pumping. But for an international team of scientists who toiled deep underneath the mountains in Guanxi, China, in 2013, new figures obtained via laser mapping have confirmed that the Miao Room chamber—a gigantic cavern that's part of the... More »

Orcas Storm Beach to Grab Seals

Killer whales surf ashore for dinner

(Newser) - Innovative killer whales are breaching a beach in Argentina to grab seals and sea lions in the first such behavior ever witnessed. A pair of orcas particularly adept at the brazen strategy, nicknamed Mel and Maga by observing National Geographic scientists, have been spotted repeatedly riding the waves to shore,... More »

Diver Dies of Bends Filming for Natl. Geographic

(Newser) - An underwater photographer has died of the bends while filming for National Geographic, reports the Telegraph. Carl Spencer, 37, was part of team exploring the the British World War I hospital ship HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, off the coast of Greece. He collapsed and was airlifted... More »

DNA Study: Ancient Phoenicians Still With Us

Phoenician blood in North Africa, MidEast

(Newser) - The Phoenicians may have disappeared as a distinct society a few thousand years ago, but it turns out their imprint remains very much alive today. Genetic researchers have discovered the DNA of the seafaring civilization in the blood of men—as many as 1 in 17— who live today in... More »

Lost Pyramid Found in Egypt

4,500-year-oldtomb rediscovered

(Newser) - The remnants of a 4,500-year-old Egyptian pyramid lost for generations has been rediscovered by archaeologists, National Geographic reports. It's believed to be the tomb of  King Menkauhor—who ruled in 2,400 BC—and was found in the midst of a sprawling burial complex at Saqqara, where scientists also... More »

5 Stories