Fredrick Forsyth

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Leaders Fly to Guinea-Bissau to Prevent Coup

Assassination leaves power vacuum in African 'narco-state'

(Newser) - West African leaders are holding an emergency meeting in Guinea-Bissau today following the assassination of the country's president, reports the BBC. João Bernardo Vieira was killed a day after the chief of staff of the army, reputed to be a rival of Vieira's, died in a bomb blast. The... More »

Not Very PC: Why Typewriters Beat Computers

Fed up with tech snafus, some Brits reach for the Wite-Out

(Newser) - Favored by novelists and technophobes and sold out of car trunks, typewriters remain the implement of choice for some Brits, reports BBC. Despite their weight and Internet deficiencies, the tangible writing experience free from computer meltdowns or deletions may save the typewriter from extinction—at least for now. One sales... More »

2 Stories