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A&E Cancels Controversial KKK Documentary Series

Just a week after announcing it

(Newser) - A&E canceled its controversial new documentary about the KKK on Saturday—just a week after it was announced, the Hollywood Reporter reports. But what a week it was. People were concerned the show, originally titled Generation KKK, would give the hate group a spotlight and normalize them. According to... More »

A&E Series Could Be 'Most Controversial Yet'

Network filmed KKK leaders, family members who want out for 'Generation KKK' documentary

(Newser) - They say any publicity is good publicity, but the #GenerationKKK hashtag trending on Twitter Monday morning didn't hold many kind words for A&E's new series, or for the New York Times weekend review of it. The Generation KKK eight-episode documentary, which sources confirm to the Hollywood Reporter ... More »

Remini on New Scientology Show: The Truth Will Be Told

Actress' A&E reality-show series premieres Nov. 29

(Newser) - Leah Remini has been a huge thorn in the Church of Scientology's side since she famously split with the church in 2013. And it doesn't look like she's about to quit her anti-Xenu outreach program anytime soon, especially since she's got a brand-new A&E reality... More »

Suspension Over: A&E Brings Back Phil Robertson

'Duck Dynasty' will go on as usual

(Newser) - Fans of Duck Dynasty will never have to know what the show would be like without patriarch Phil Robertson. A&E said today it is allowing him to return with the rest of his clan in the spring when filming resumes, reports Deadline.com . The network had suspended him after... More »

A&E's Xmas Gift to You: Duck Dynasty Marathon

Network either cashing in on brouhaha or trying to assuage fans

(Newser) - If you stand with Phil , you can sit down now for the rest of the day: A&E has yet to reinstate Phil Robertson, but it's kicking off a 12-plus-hour Duck Dynasty marathon beginning at 3:30pm today. That amounts to what Fox News calls a "staggering" 25... More »

Palin Didn't Read Duck Dynasty Interview She Defended

A&E showing marathon tomorrow despite controversy

(Newser) - When Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson got in hot water over anti-gay remarks , Sarah Palin rushed to defend him from the "hatin'." She told Greta Van Susteren yesterday, however, that she hasn't actually read the GQ interview in question, Politico reports. Van Susteren wanted to know whether... More »

Duck Dynasty Items Back on Cracker Barrel's Shelves

Petitions demand reinstatement of Phil Robertson

(Newser) - Cracker Barrel on Friday distanced itself from Duck Dynasty as controversy swirled over Phil Robertson's anti-gay remarks in GQ. The move didn't last long. After announcing that it was taking some Duck Dynasty gear off its shelves ("We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend... More »

Louisiana: We'll Keep Duck Dynasty on the Air

Show's creator played gay porn star in movie

(Newser) - With Duck Dynasty on the ropes , it's Louisiana to the rescue. Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne has written a letter to the show's cast offering "to use his influence among Louisiana’s growing motion picture industry to seek out alternative production options" in case A&E axes the... More »

Duck Dynasty Star Has Aired Anti-Gay Views for Years

TMZ unearths Phil Robertson sermon from 2010

(Newser) - Phil Robertson's recent anti-gay comments are the ones that got him in hot water, but they're far from the first ones he's ever made. TMZ unearthed video of the Duck Dynasty star giving a sermon at a Pennsylvania church in 2010, in which he says that gays... More »

Newt Gingrich: Duck Dynasty Star Like Pope Francis

Meanwhile, Phil Robertson's family says they may not return to A&E

(Newser) - Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has had Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal rush to his aid in the wake of his suspension from A&E over anti-gay comments he made in the course of a GQ interview, and the list of high-profile Republican names is growing. In an appearance on... More »

Duck Dynasty Star Off Show After Anti-Gay Remarks

Phil Robertson aligns homosexuality with bestiality

(Newser) - An interview with GQ has ended up rather sourly for Phil Robertson. The Duck Dynasty patriarch has been put on ice by A&E following an uproar over comments he made to the magazine; among them: a comparison between homosexuality and bestiality. GLAAD, in its heated response, called his statements... More »

Yuuuup! Storage Wars Is Rigged, Star Claims

Dave Hester says he was fired for complaining

(Newser) - Storage Wars' producers plant items in the lockers contestants buy to increase the drama, ex-star Dave Hester claims in a new lawsuit. Hester's suit alleges that he was wrongfully terminated for complaining that the series is rigged, according to the Hollywood Reporter . "A&E has committed a fraud... More »

Palins Can't Sell New Reality Show

Todd-centered snowmobile series leaving networks cold

(Newser) - Has America had enough of the Palins? Sarah Palin and producer Mark Burnett have been trying to sell a follow-up series to TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska focusing on Todd Palin's career as a snowmobile racer—but networks aren't buying, according to the Hollywood Reporter . TLC owner... More »

Why We're Obsessed With Hoarders

The destructive behavior is eerily familiar to many

(Newser) - The world is fascinated with "hoarders," thanks to the A&E cult hit of the same name. Like A&E's surprisingly effective Intervention, Hoarders aims to—and in many cases does—change the behavior of its subjects. But in addition to shedding light on the phenomenon, the show... More »

How A&E's Intervention, Shockingly, Works

Somehow, reality show manages 71% recovery rate

(Newser) - Hard as it is to believe, there’s one reality show truly doing the world good: A&E’s Intervention, which has a startlingly high recovery rate of 71%. “How has a 45-minute reality show that airs during summer on basic cable succeeded where so many other treatment regimes... More »

Discovery Closes In on Sarah Palin's Alaska Show

Series reportedly titled 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's Alaska is looking more and more like a sure thing: Discovery Communications has edged out rival A&E in bidding for the show, the Hollywood Reporter notes. Palin doesn't come cheap: If Discovery pays anything close to her $1.2 million per episode asking price, the former governor's... More »

A&E Wants Palin's Show; She Wants $1M an Episode

Sarah Palin's Alaska could become a reality

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's reality TV show is inching closer to reality. Both A&E and Discovery are interested in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the series she’s working on with executive producer Mark Burnett. The show would follow Palin as she gives viewers a tour of Alaska locales (a gold mine!... More »

Corey Feldman Mourns 'My Brother Corey Haim'

Actor calls longtime friend 'a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul'

(Newser) - Corey Feldman, the surviving half of "the two Coreys," spoke out this afternoon about the "tragic loss of a wonderful, beautiful, tormented soul"—Corey Haim, who died today of a drug overdose today at 38. The '80s child actors were friends and co-stars, most recently in... More »

A&E to Drop Swayze's Beast: Source

Low ratings, star's declining health hurt show

(Newser) - Insiders say A&E has axed The Beast, a Sony-produced series about an FBI cop played by Patrick Swayze, after its first season. Soft ratings and Swayze's worsening cancer impaired the show, though the network has yet to confirm the report, writes Variety. More »

MC Hammer Lands Reality Show

'90s rapper to A&E viewers: It's Hammertime

(Newser) - MC Hammer will follow his upcoming concert with Vanilla Ice with another project sure to inspire nostalgia: a half-hour reality show. Hammertime, which will air later this year, follows the once-bankrupt rapper as he "lives a more economically balanced life," the A&E show's reps said.... More »

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