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'Womyn's Lands' Dwindle as Gays Go Mainstream

(Newser) - So-called "womyn's lands" are quietly persisting across North America but face a cultural shift as modern gays embrace mainstream society, the New York Times reports. Founded in the 1970s to give lesbians man-free, safe, non-judgmental communities, the roughly 100 groups have seen membership dwindle and populations age. “In... More »

Gated Enclaves Soar Above Indian Slums

Wealthy Indians move into posh residences to escape impoverished cities

(Newser) - Gated communities are emerging across India  to offer the country's growing group of wealthy professionals Western luxuries that the government cannot. One exclusive high-rise complex in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi, has its own security guards, landscaped lawns, and private school. Air conditioning, elevators, running water are all uninterrupted, while... More »

2 Stories