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Sicko Was Not Banned in Cuba

Michael Moore: Media should have questioned bogus WikiLeaks cable

(Newser) - Michael Moore was as surprised as anyone when WikiLeaks revealed a US cable asserting that Cuban officials banned his Sicko documentary because it depicted a "mythical" view of health care there. He was even more surprised when the media picked up on the cable and reported it as gospel... More »

Health Reform a Blow to Film

Hospital bills have driven many Hollywood screenplays

(Newser) - No one doubts that American life will change when health-care reform takes effect. But few have considered how the changes will affect popular culture—specifically movies. Health care has been a catch-all motivator for screenwriters, allowing for the injection of life-or-death struggle into otherwise comfortable American middle-class existence. John Lopez ... More »

Moore Rips Tinseltown Moneybags at Film Fest

'I can pay for my own movies now,' boasts filmmaker

(Newser) - Lefty gadfly Michael Moore couldn't resist deriding the same well-heeled execs who bankrolled his latest movie at the Venice Film Festival yesterday. "One of the beautiful flaws of capitalism is they will use the rope you give them to hang themselves if you can make a buck," Moore... More »

Fred Stumps for Acting Roles

Former candidate turns to Hollywood

(Newser) - He won't be president next year, but maybe he'll play one on TV. Fred Thompson, the former US senator whose folksy run for the White House failed to galvanize support, is returning to acting. He has signed with Hollywood's William Morris Agency to seek new movie and television roles, reports... More »

Moore Ready to Rumble

Promises to be CNN's 'worst nightmare' unless he gets an apology on Sicko

(Newser) - In an open letter to CNN, Michael Moore takes issue with what he considers to be a biased report on his movie Sicko. He demands an apology and promises to become CNN's "worst nightmare" unless one is forthcoming promptly. More »

Corporate Blog Makes Trouble for Google

Employee's movie review draws attention to corporate communication tool

(Newser) - In case anyone missed the first apology, Google is still sorry for an employee's post on a corporate blog. Her reaction to Michael Moore's "Sicko"—a suggestion that health-care companies buy Google ads to offset his accusations and burnish their reputations—has outraged bloggers and prompted two separate... More »

Health-Care Industry Feels a Little 'Sicko'

Film's corporate opponents unite against Moore

(Newser) - Michael Moore's "Sicko," in which the filmmaker advocates for socialized health care, has the industry nervous and trying to downplay the film's accuracy and objectivity. Strong opinions are flying on both sides, from medical workers who back Moore to an industry lobbying organization that calls him "a... More »

Moore's 'Sicko' Leaks to Youtube

Health-care expose has early onset at video sharing site

(Newser) - Documentarian Michael Moore has a feverishly anticipated takedown of the American health-care industry set to open in two weeks—but try telling that to the internet. Sicko went viral this weekend as cinematic hackers managed to post the two-hour film in its entirety on YouTube, probably from a pirated DVD. More »

Michael Moore Saves, Exploits His Enemy

The director cuts a check for rival's medical expenses, uses in film

(Newser) - The man behind an anti-Michael Moore website found himself on the right end of his target’s checkbook after the documentarian dropped 12K to cover the blogger's uninsured wife's medical expenses. Jim Kenefick received the anonymous gift after seeking help from visitors to, which aims to expose Moore's... More »

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