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Local Food Could Save the Economy

Tom Philpott offers a plan to create jobs

(Newser) - Americans spend nearly $1.2 trillion per year on food—that's almost one-tenth of the total US GDP—but very little of that helps our local communities, since most of our food money goes to large chains. If we could turn that around and shop for more local food,... More »

Homemade Ginger Ale Adds Fizz to Standby

Great summer drink fits move toward local, natural, artisanal

(Newser) - If you’re still sipping ginger ale from a can, you must be sadly misinformed about the latest drink trend. The cool thing now is ginger ale from scratch, informs the New York Times, and bars and restaurants are catching on. Why put in the extra effort of steeping ginger... More »

Towns, Counties Create Own Stimulus Plans

Economists see mixed results, but local boost can be psychological

(Newser) - Across the US, cities, states, and counties aren’t waiting for Uncle Sam to jumpstart the economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many have devised their own, often creative, methods of stimulating local economies. One Texas town, for example, has used its budget surplus to create 250 temporary, low-paying jobs,... More »

How to Shop, and Save, Green

Yes, things are pricier, but there are steps that go easy on wallet and planet

(Newser) - Want to green your grocery list while keeping more green in your wallet? Grist lists a few ways to buy eco-cheap:
  • Make a list: Buying only what you need keeps costs and waste down.
  • Avoid GMOs: Genetically modified crops reduce agricultural biodiversity and raise serious health questions.
  • Buy organic: Organic
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Organic Food is Overhyped

Old-fashioned agribusiness has its perks

(Newser) - Don’t believe the hype about organic food, writes Abigail Haddad in the American. While foodies and environmentalists may croon over produce grown locally or on small farms, the truth is that small farms aren’t very efficient, locally grown produce doesn’t help the environment, and organic food is... More »

Live It Up While Going Green

10 luxury ways to cut carbon waste

(Newser) - You don't have to give up the high life to be green. Forbes finds 10 luxurious ways to reduce your carbon footprint:
  1. Wear cashmere at home so you can turn down the thermostat.
  2. Buy carbon offsets for your private jet.
  3. Drive a hybrid Cadillac Escalade SUV.
  4. Use occasional perfumed candles
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6 Stories