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Suicide Law Sees 63 Apply, 36 Die in 9 Months

Prescriptions for lethal drugs aren't always used, and 3 attempts failed

(Newser) - Washington State’s Death with Dignity medical suicide law was enacted a year ago today, and in the first 9 months 63 terminally ill patients were prescribed fatal medication and 36 used it to end their lives. Three people attempted to use the drugs but failed; one vomited them back... More »

Ohio Judge Rejects 3-Drug Lethal Injections

Orders state to change executions

(Newser) - An Ohio judge has ordered authorities to stop using a lethal three-drug cocktail for executions because it may cause excruciating pain. Instead,  the judge ruled in favor of a single lethal dose of a barbiturate used in animal euthanasia, the New York Times reports. State officials are reviewing the... More »

2 Stories