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Recession's Silver Lining: We're Content With Less

(Newser) - Americans are embracing the no-frills attitude necessitated by the recession, USA Today reports. One-third say they are spending less and plan to keep up the practice as their “new, normal” way of living, according to a study. A whopping 47% of Americans say they have all they need, another... More »

Cluttered? '100 Thing Challenge' Awaits

If your life is 'littered with unfulfilled promises,' purge, blogger challenges

(Newser) - A crusading blogger is inspiring citizens to take on a predicament of modern life: clutter. Dave Bruno launched the 100 Thing Challenge in an effort to free himself from his stuff, and he's down to just 97 belongings, Time reports. And while Bruno is a strict constructionist, some of his... More »

2 Stories