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Atlantic Unveils Dictionary of Most Hated Words

Arguably, moist, and webinar make the dreaded list

(Newser) - Basically, there's an awesome online dictionary that's interesting and supposably whimsical—and if those italicized words are driving you crazy, you'll like the Atlantic 's dictionary of "despicable words." The magazine bases it on emails from readers who are simply seething over our use... More »

Colbert Nukes His Underwear to Protest the 'End of Men'

Because he can't burn them in his studio

(Newser) - OK, we're not gonna pretend this one actually has much news value, but there's something to be said for watching Stephen Colbert shimmy and shake his way out of his boxers and toss them in the microwave. Colbert nuked the drawers as a symbolic "protest" over the "End... More »

'The Wasilla Whack-Job' Reads My Blog!

Sarah Palin's threat of a libel suit goes a bit awry

(Newser) - Back in the day, public figures were cautioned not to pick fights with people who bought ink by the barrel—namely, newspaper publishers. In the age of the blogger, it's more important to guard against fueling your antagonists with the 21st-century version of ink: attention. Paging Sarah Palin: "The... More »

Times Fills Kristol Slot: Ross Douthat of Atlantic

(Newser) - The New York Times has found its replacement for William Kristol’s column from the right—Ross Douthat of the Atlantic. Douthat, 29, will start mostly online next month but will eventually appear on Mondays opposite Paul Krugman, reports the Columbia Journalism Review, quoting a Times email. He’ll also... More »

Allowing Children to Choose Gender Is Slippery Slope

Parents' inclination to let children decide what's best raises all sorts of questions

(Newser) - For parents raising boys who profess to be girls and vice versa, puberty blockers may seem a godsend, writes Hanna Rosin in a look at gender—and transgender children—in the Atlantic. Boys will emerge from their teens with no Adam's apple, girls will bypass menstruation, allowing them to live... More »

Top Ideas of Past Year

Atlantic Monthly runs down issues steered the national discourse in past year

(Newser) - Which ideas informed the national discourse (or lack thereof) in the past year? Well, the Atlantic Monthly knows, and there are 11 … er, 11½. From the troop surge in Iraq to post-partisan politics to the provocatively titled “mass-market atheism,” a look at some of the most captivating... More »

6 Stories