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Mexico Turns Tequila Into Diamonds

Not quite large enough for jewelry, but crystallized vapor has industrial uses

(Newser) - Mexican scientists have discovered that their national drink is good for a lot more than margaritas, the Guardian reports. Tequila contains hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon in exactly the right proportion to form diamonds when it is heated to a vapor and left to crystallize. The extremely thin tequila diamonds are... More »

Would You Mind If This Wasn't Mined?

Lab-created diamonds get ever closer to nature's version—to chagrin of some

(Newser) - De Beers might like you to think a “diamond is forever,” but try this on for size: “A diamond is for everyone.” In a secret Massachusetts lab, Apollo Diamond is using novel technology to grow diamonds virtually indistinguishable from their mined cousins, the Smithsonian reports. Unfortunately... More »

2 Stories