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Toyota Mess Is the Price We Pay for a Modern World

Our industrial marvels are both 'wondrous' and lethal

(Newser) - Charles Krauthammer doesn't want to let Toyota off the hook for its dangerous cars, but he sees such "wondrous and potentially lethal" products as inseparable from the modern world. Problems are inevitable, and if we over-react and shut down all the factories over every complaint, "we'd have no... More »

EPA's CO2 Ruling May Have Huge Impact

(Newser) - The EPA's decision today to declare carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases dangerous pollutants could have enormous consequences for US businesses, writes Andy Stone in Forbes. The big winner: green technology. The ruling could eventually give the EPA unprecedented regulatory control over everything from power plants to oil refineries... More »

Steel Industry Hopes Stimulus Will Forge Recovery

Execs want projects using American steel to be center of economic recovery

(Newser) - Leaders of America's sagging steel industry are hoping their operations will spearhead the economy's recovery with some major help from the US government, the New York Times reports. Steel orders have collapsed since September, causing thousands of layoffs. Execs are pushing hard for the expected stimulus package from the incoming... More »

Siemens Will Pay $1.3B in Fines for Global Corruption

Company settles on US charges for $800M, shells out more over German accusations

(Newser) - German engineering conglomerate Siemens pleaded guilty today to an international pay-to-play scheme and will pay the US $800 million in fines, the Wall Street Journal reports. It will also give $528 million to the German government—adding to a $275 million payout last year. More »

China's Heavy Industries Steel for Crash

Global downturn freezes country's industrial transformation

(Newser) - The global slowdown is rapidly shutting down China's heavy industries, the New York Times reports. Just months after the government warned that the red-hot economy could lead to runaway inflation, the nation's steel, cement and construction industries now find themselves with a huge excess of capacity—and workers. Growth is... More »

Farms Fuel Boom in US Exports

Strengthening dollar could trim growth of sales abroad

(Newser) - Worldwide demand for grain and a weak US dollar helped drive exports up 7.1% in the first half of the year, providing a respite from the barrage of negative economic news. But experts warn the commodity-driven rise could be brief, reports the New York Times. Export surges of agricultural... More »

Sorry, Veterans, Vietnam Is Profitable Now

American companies move to Hanoi, reap benefits of communism

(Newser) - More expensive Chinese labor has American enterprises heading to Vietnam, moving Harold Meyerson to wonder, in the Washington Post, why 58,000 US soldiers died trying to defend democracy there. "American business, backed by the American government, has realized that the problem with communism wasn't that it was undemocratic... More »

US Companies Set Up Shop in Vietnam

As labor costs in China soar, manufacturers are moving on

(Newser) - Foreign manufacturers invested $83 billion in China last year, keeping it at the top of the list  of overseas producers. But a confluence of circumstances—high inflation, changing government policies, and, above all, rising wages—have led corporations to start looking elsewhere in Asia,  the New York Times reports.... More »

Would You Mind If This Wasn't Mined?

Lab-created diamonds get ever closer to nature's version—to chagrin of some

(Newser) - De Beers might like you to think a “diamond is forever,” but try this on for size: “A diamond is for everyone.” In a secret Massachusetts lab, Apollo Diamond is using novel technology to grow diamonds virtually indistinguishable from their mined cousins, the Smithsonian reports. Unfortunately... More »

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