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Muslim Americans Happier With US Than Everyone Else

Much more so than everyone else

(Newser) - If you thought things like Peter King’s hearings or the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy would leave Muslim Americans feeling disgruntled, think again. Muslims are actually much happier with the country than everyone else, according to Pew poll released today, with 56% saying they’re satisfied with the way... More »

1 in 12 US Babies Born to Illegal Immigrants

Their offspring made up 8% of 2008 US births

(Newser) - One out of every 12 babies born in the US are born to illegal immigrants, according to a new study. Undocumented immigrants make up just over 4% of the American adult population, but their babies made up 8% of all births in the US in 2008, according to the report... More »

NY State of Mind Almost as Bad as Calif.'s

Both states' revenues, budgets, legislatures create cause for alarm

(Newser) - Don’t look now, New Yorkers, but your state government is sinking to California-like depths of lousiness. New York’s 2010 budgetary fitness ranks below that of 33 other states in Pew’s latest ranking, trailing the likes of Louisiana, Alaska, and South Carolina. And that’s unlikely to improve,... More »

Fewer Americans Believe in Global Warming

Those seeing evidence of it dropped from 71%-57% in 18 months

(Newser) - The percentage of Americans who think there’s serious evidence of global warming has dropped precipitously in the past 18 months—from 71% to 57%, the Pew Research Center finds. Numbers were down across the political spectrum—Democrat, independent, Republican—but the drop was most pronounced among independents, to 53%... More »

Americans Switching, Not Losing, Religion

But people who abandon faith just 'drift away', new poll says

(Newser) - A majority of Americans who have abandoned organized religion "gradually drifted away," a new Pew Forum poll says. The finding surprised experts who expected policy debates or scandals—like clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church—to fuel people's rejection of a faith. But overall, the survey... More »

Record 2.3M Crowd US Prisons

Federal report describes system in crisis

(Newser) - A record 7.2 million criminals were behind bars, on parole, or being supervised on probation in 2006—a figure that cost taxpayers $45 billion and has states rethinking sentencing laws and shipping inmates elsewhere, the Washington Post reports. Of that number, 2.3 million people were in jail or... More »

6 Stories