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Match-Fixers Targeted Games Ahead of 2010 World Cup

Reports cites payoffs, possible death threat in South Africa

(Newser) - With the next World Cup starting in less than two weeks, a New York Times report reveals extensive efforts to fix matches in the run-up to the last tournament—some of which efforts, it seems, were successful. The Times highlights an investigation by FIFA, the organization in charge of international... More »

Say It Ain't So: Sumo's Fixed!

Wrestlers admit arranging matches in Japan

(Newser) - Three Sumo wrestlers have admitted fixing matches in Japan, and the scandal is only expected to grow, reports the Guardian . "It is certainly the national sport," said Prime Minister Naoto Kan. "If matches have been fixed, it is a serious betrayal of the people." Police found... More »

Donaghy Fights NBA's $1.4M Bill

Says league wants to 'financially destroy' ex-ref for singing

(Newser) - A lawyer for Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee who bet on games he officiated, has accused the NBA of going after his client in retaliation for statements that detracted from the NBA Finals, AP reports. "The message from the NBA is quite clear: If you cooperate in a federal... More »

Full-Court Press Won't Fix NBA's Image Woes

Commish can point to crooked ref, but game- fixing charge sticks

(Newser) - It seems unlikely NBA commissioner David Stern would ever have arranged outcomes of important games, as disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy has claimed. But whether or not the accusations are true, the league has a Shaq-sized image issue on its hands, and strategies for dealing with the tarnish aren't in... More »

4 Stories