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Romney Campaign $11M in Debt

Primary dough dried up as he waited to tap into general election bucks

(Newser) - The Mitt Romney campaign borrowed $20 million last month, and is still $11 million in debt, reports the National Review. The campaign borrowed the money to cover expenses while waiting to tap into tens of millions of dollars in general-election funds, which it could not do until Romney was officially... More »

Which GOP Losers Are Drowning in Debt?

Santorum, Gingrich deeply in red, Ron Paul is debt-free

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum may hate the US national debt, but for now they have a much more local spending fight on their hands—their personal campaign costs. As of the end of April, Santorum had $2.3 million in debt versus just $1.3 million in cash reserves,... More »

Tim Pawlenty Campaign Still $450K in Debt

'Doing what we can,' says adviser

(Newser) - It's been two months since Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, but his campaign is still saddled with $450,000 in debt, reports Politico . Debts include $60,000 for campaign HQ rent in Iowa, $25,000 for equipment rentals, and more than $60,... More »

Pawlenty Quit Because He Was Broke

One source says he may owe $500K. others say that's exaggerated

(Newser) - Word was that Tim Pawlenty pulled out of the Republican presidential contest because he finished a weak third in Iowa's Ames Straw Poll two weeks ago. That's true, Republican sources tell the Huffington Post , but Pawlenty's campaign was also broke from spending heavily on Ames in hope... More »

Mutual Pal Pushed Palin to Court Clintons

To help image problems, help pay down Hillary's debt, Palin ally urged

(Newser) - A Maryland lawyer who is a sometime adviser to Sarah Palin urged her to forge an alliance with Hillary Clinton, reports Politico. John Coale, aka Greta Van Susteren's hubby, suggested that Palin donate funds from her political action committee to help Clinton retire campaign debt. Palin was open to reaching... More »

To Defray Debt, Clinton Can Be a GoDaddy Girl: Carville

(Newser) - Should Hillary Clinton shake her assets to repay her campaign debt? James Carville jokingly said he’d be “all for” the secretary of state appearing in one of’s famously racy commercials, Politico reports. He made the suggestion in a freewheeling online radio conversation with site founder... More »

Help Hillary Pay Debt, Win Idol Tickets!

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has a deal for you. Longtime buddy James Carville sent a letter to supporters today asking for donations to help retire her campaign debt, reports the Washington Independent. For $5 or more, donors are entered to win one of three prizes: a day with Bill Clinton in New... More »

Clinton Rents Campaign Mail List to Pay Debt

Renter in chief? Bill, as Hillary races to raise cash before State gig

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's campaign has hit on a novel way of repaying its debt, ABC News reports.  The campaign is renting out the vast list of email addresses compiled during the course of Clinton's failed presidential bid. Among the customers for the list, believed to be 5 million names strong,... More »

Clinton Writes Off $13.2M Campaign Loan

Forgiving loan helps clear way for confirmation at State

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has formally written off the $13.2 million of her own money she lent to her presidential campaign, Bloomberg reports. The move is a big step toward shutting down her campaign committee and removing a potential stumbling block to her Senate confirmation as secretary of state. Clinton still... More »

Hillary Raises Big Money for Obama

Clinton draws $8M for former rival, despite own campaign debts

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has raised more than $8 million since July for Barack Obama, USA Today reports, and has hit 40 Obama campaign events in the past 2 months. She’ll headline two more Obama fundraisers this month, plus 11 events for other Democratic candidates. But while she’s raising money... More »

Why the Rift Isn't Healing

Issues remain over Hill's campaign debt, role at convention

(Newser) - A little more than a month after the joint rally in Unity, NH, the Obama-Clinton relationship is still chilly, writes Howard Fineman, who faults both sides for letting their continuing squabble turn what should be a slam-dunk election year for the Democrats into a squeaker. For someone who’s running... More »

Clinton Lends Campaign $1M as Debts Mount

Reticent donors make mountain of liabilities difficult to pay off

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton lent her suspended presidential campaign an additional $1 million at the end of last month, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. The newest self-loan—the New York senator has now lent herself $13.2 million—underscores how much difficulty she is facing in retiring her mountain... More »

Obama Backers Cool to Clinton Debt Relief

Hillary campaign reports 'paltry sum' of less than $100K donated so far

(Newser) - Supporters of Barack Obama have yet to ante up any substantial sums to help retire the record-breaking debt Hillary Clinton accrued during her failed campaign, the New York Times reports. Many Obama backers scoff at the idea of writing a check for an opponent so eager to disparage their man,... More »

Barack Writes Campaign Check to Hillary

He asks donors to pay Clinton campaign debt

(Newser) - Barack Obama made a personal $4,600 donation to Hillary Clinton's campaign—a gesture to win over her supporters as the Democratic party tries to unify following the divisive campaign for the nomination. Obama told a meeting of 200 top Clinton fundraisers he's encouraging his donors to help pay off... More »

Delicately, Team Clinton Gets Behind Obama

Hillary's camp offers support in exchange for aid on debt

(Newser) - Under the eye of one of Washington's most powerful lawyers, Barack Obama is negotiating with Hillary Clinton over a tangle of issues, from how to retire her campaign debt to what role she will play in this summer's convention. The Democratic party is slowly recovering from its bruising primary fight... More »

'Star' Hillary Keeps Vow With Bronx Grad Speech

Attends teenager's high school graduation

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton was given a rock star's reception yesterday at her first public appearance in New York since surrendering the Democratic field to to Barack Obama. She presented the graduation address at Pelham Preparatory Academy in the Bronx, fulfilling a promise she made years ago to attend the commencement of... More »

Giuliani Will Stump for GOP, for a Price

Rudy wants a cut of fundraising proceeds to pay off campaign debt

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani has offered to appear at fundraisers for cash-strapped Republican candidates but with strings attached, the New York Times reports. The former New York mayor wants a cut of the proceeds to go towards paying off his presidential campaign's $3.6-million debt. The debt includes a $500,000 personal... More »

Campaign Debt? What Campaign Debt?

Clever accounting could leave Clinton cash to play kingmaker

(Newser) - Some clever and mostly legal accounting tricks could minimize Clinton's big campaign debt and leave her with cash on hand for king-making or another future campaign, reports Politico. Hillary could reclassify her own loans to the campaign as contributions, ask donors to redirect their cash to her Senate campaign, and... More »

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