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Johnnie Walker May Soon Have a Lady Friend

Parent company Diageo has reportedly filed trademark documents for Jane Walker

(Newser) - Tarzan had his Jane, and so, too, will Johnnie. Thanks to the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements, gender equality is gaining new awareness in the workplace, and now perhaps in your whisky: TMZ reports that Diageo, parent company of the Johnnie Walker brand, put in the... More »

Scotland's New Brexit Worry: Whisky

Minister wants UK to extend EU standards so inferior booze doesn't invade market

(Newser) - Scotland has found one more thing to fret about as Britain drags it toward a breakup with the European Union: Its precious whisky. Scotland has called for Scotch to be defined in UK law so its vital whisky industry—worth about $5.3 billion in exports—can be protected after... More »

Forget a New Car, Buy This $35K Bottle of Scotch

Macallan's 65-year-old whisky comes in a decanter inspired by Lalique perfume bottles

(Newser) - Macallan has an ample portfolio of quinquagenarian and sexagenarian spirits, but it's the release of one that's "old enough to collect Social Security benefits," as Eater puts it, that's got booze buffs abuzz. "Peerless Spirit" Scotch whisky, which comes in a decanter inspired by... More »

Space Station's New Experiment: Aging Whisky

Japanese maker Suntory is sending up samples to see how they turn out

(Newser) - Just imagine what Don Draper could do in the ad pitch: Renowned Japanese whisky maker Suntory is sending up booze to age for at least a year on the International Space Station, reports the Wall Street Journal . The idea is to see what effect zero gravity has on the process,... More »

On Shelves Soon: Scotch in a Can

Scottish company will sell 12-ounce cans for $5

(Newser) - You'll soon be able to crack open and swig down a can of… Scotch whisky? Liquor company Scottish Spirits Imports plans to introduce aluminum cans filled with Scotch to the US by February 1. Each can will contain 12 ounces of the 80-proof liquor, or about eight shots' worth,... More »

Malt Whisky Fetches Record $73K

Glenfiddich bottle honors oldest living Scot

(Newser) - A 55-year-old bottle of Scotch has sold for the princely sum of $72,630 at auction, reports Bloomberg . The price makes the bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve the most expense single malt whisky ever sold, notes Deadline . What's with the weird name? The whisky honors the oldest... More »

Japan Whisky to Fetch $12K a Bottle

Yamazaki's latest release has been aging since 1961

(Newser) - Do you love whisky and also have an utterly ridiculous amount of money to spend on it? Then Suntory Yamazaki has just the thing for you. The distillery will next month release a batch that’s been aging since 1961 for an eye-popping 1 million yen ($12,970) a bottle,... More »

Scottish Whisky Ranks Best in World

Old Pulteney takes prize in industry 'bible'

(Newser) - A single-malt whisky brewed in Scotland knocked out 1,200 rivals to triumph as the World Whisky of the Year, according to the influential 2012 Whisky Bible. The Old Pulteney whisky, produced by the Pulteney distillery in Wick, northern Scotland, totaled 97.5 out of 100 points—tying the highest... More »

Whisky Company Bashes PETA's 'Club' Cartoon

'Anything but a Canadian Club,' says clever cartoon seal

(Newser) - A whisky company isn't laughing about a clever New Yorker-style cartoon concerning seal killing created by PETA. "Anything but a Canadian Club," a sad-eyed seal sitting at a bar tells a bartender awaiting his order in the ad. Now the parent company of Canadian Club whisky has fired... More »

100-Year-Old Scotch Back From Antarctic Depths

But you won't be able to get your hands on it

(Newser) - This is probably a little more special than anything your Average Joe has in the liquor cabinet: Three bottles of Mackinlays scotch whisky, which have sat beneath the Arctic ice since 1907, made their way home to Scotland today. The bottles are part of a crate of circa-1897 whisky found... More »

Scots Invent Boozy Biofuel

Whisky may be the drink to power your drive

(Newser) - Scottish researchers have found a way to turn whisky waste into fuel. A team from Edinburgh Napier University combined two common whisky by-products—'pot ale' and 'draff'—to create a clean fuel that yields 30% more output power than ethanol, reports the BBC . The group hopes, eventually, to make the... More »

Whisky Maker Revives Booze Treasure Hunt

Six cases of Canadian Club just waiting to be found

(Newser) - Assuming polar bears haven't guzzled it, a case of Canadian Club whisky stashed near the North Pole decades ago is still waiting for an adventure-seeking drinker to find it. The company has revived the "Hide-a-Case" promotion it began in 1967, and is offering drinkers a chance to join expeditions... More »

Antarctic Explorers' Century-Old Whisky Found

Distillery's Antarctica expedition recovers abandoned booze

(Newser) - Seven crates of whisky and brandy left behind by Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition have been recovered after over a century locked in the Antarctic ice. The expedition was forced to turn back short of reaching the South Pole in 1909 and left many supplies—including what must now be the... More »

Sun Rises on Japanese Whiskey

After claiming numerous awards, Nikka and Suntory plan global marketing push

(Newser) - Japanese whiskey is becoming a contender on the world stage, set to steal market share worldwide from the likes of Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal, the Guardian reports. Japan’s Nikka and Suntory distilleries took the single-malt and blended whiskey awards, respectively, at last year’s world whiskey awards, and... More »

Super Bowl Party? Try These Booze Bargains

Esquire finds brown-bagging it has its rewards

(Newser) - With Super Bowl looming, cheap booze is probably on your radar. It's not too late to check out these bargains recommended by Esquire:
  • Paul Masson Grande Amber VSOP brandy: This $13 bottle “goes down far more smoothly than anything from France in this price range could even aspire to.
... More »

Scotch Makers Blend Subtler Spirits

Distillers hold tradition close, but explore unconventional tastes

(Newser) - The art of distilling whiskey is alive and well in Scotland, with makers sticking to the spirit’s roots while expanding its flavor ranges, AFP reports. Though earthy, smoky beverages remain at their core, the Dewar’s and Glenmorangie distilleries are developing whiskeys with mild flavors ranging to honey, waxed... More »

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