Adrien Grenier

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$50K to Host This Guy's Party?

Entourage star Grenier shopping birthday bash to clubs, source tells Post

(Newser) - His rep denies it, but Entourage star Adrian Grenier is said to be “shopping” rights to host his birthday party to various Hamptons hotspots: "He's been asking clubs for $50,000 for the honor,” a source told the New York Post. Grenier apparently knows how to put... More »

Planet Green a 'Waste of Energy'

New network turns Earth into "lifestyle accessory"

(Newser) - Our era of eco-chic has borne bitter fruit: Watching the new cable network Planet Green is “an unforgivable waste of energy,” writes Troy Patterson in Slate. The Discovery Channel spinoff reduces environmentalism to a status symbol and bludgeons the viewer with inane condescension. “Eco-tainment” is king, with... More »

2 Stories