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You Can Buy a Hydrogen-Powered SUV Next Year

Hyundai introducing Tucson powered by hydrogen fuel cell

(Newser) - For the first time, starting next year, you'll be able to buy a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Hyundai will introduce a hydrogen-powered version of its Tucson SUV, which will initially only be sold in California, as the state has nine filling stations available. As more filling... More »

Cross-Country Hydro-Car Tour Wraps Up In LA

31-city, nine-automaker tour aims to promote nascent technology

(Newser) - A fleet of hydrogen-powered cars wrapped up a 31-city cross-country US tour in Los Angeles this weekend, Reuters reports. The first such trip by zero-emission vehicles aimed to promote the cars, supplied by nine automakers, and the need for more accessible zero-emission fuel. The US has 60 hydrogen stations so... More »

Honda Unveils Hydrogen Car

Emission-free FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen and water

(Newser) - Honda has begun commercial production on the FCX Clarity, an emissions-free car that runs entirely on hydrogen and electricity, the BBC reports. Honda only plans to produce 200 models over the next 3 years, however, expecting the scarcity of hydrogen fueling stations to dampen demand. “In the next few... More »

Green Cars Drive Into LA Spotlight

Zero-emissions hydrogen cars hit the streets of Hollywood

(Newser) - Hydrogen cars are the latest Hollywood must-have, and automakers are more than happy to see stars behind the wheel, the LA Times reports. The vehicles—which emit nothing but water—instantly speed celebrities to first place in the game of green one-upmanship. They are still years away from going on... More »

4 Stories