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Syria Torturing Activists for Facebook Passwords

Activists say social media no longer safe

(Newser) - Syrian activists say it’s not safe to use their Facebook or Twitter networks anymore—because they’ve been infiltrated by the Assad regime. “Some of our people who have been taken have been broken under the most severe torture, and they have revealed passwords and names,” one... More »

DNC Tells Supporters to Video GOP Events

Democrats launch gaffe-hunting site

(Newser) - If the Democratic National Committee has its way, Democrats around the country will soon be following Republican candidates around with video cameras or smartphones, hoping to catch them in some game-changing gaffe. The DNC today unveiled “ the Accountability Project ,” a website where supporters can upload video or audio... More »

YouTube Launches Citizen Journo Channel

YouTube Direct service aims to connect editors with video

(Newser) - A new YouTube service aims to make it easier for citizen journalists filming everything from celebrity antics to natural disasters to connect with news outlets. The YouTube Direct service allows news outlets to request, verify, and rebroadcast video from YouTube users. NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Politico were among... More »

Who Needs CNN?

Citizen journalists capture Mumbai story without bureaucratic headaches

(Newser) - Witnesses of the Mumbai terror attacks didn’t wait for CNN to get information: They captured it themselves, the New York Times reports, the latest example of citizen journalists using technology to put themselves on the frontlines of news. “I felt I had a responsibility to share my view... More »

iReport, But Who Decides if It's Accurate?

Citizen reporting under fire after CNN site spreads Jobs rumor

(Newser) - A bogus report about the health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reporters pointing fingers, investors fuming, and the SEC investigating, Greg Sandoval writes on CNET. The rumor, published by an armchair reporter on CNN's citizen journalism site,, caused a brief 10% drop in Apple’s share price... More »

New Sites Try 'Crowdfunding' to Finance Journalism

New site solicits story ideas and funding to write them

(Newser) - As newspapers nationwide struggle to stay afloat in the internet era, a new online venture aims to harness the power of the people—or at least their checkbooks. The San Francisco-based Spot Us site solicits story ideas and donations from the public. If enough cash is raised for a particular... More »

Blogger on Trail Scoops MSM

Californian makes a name for herself

(Newser) - Two of the biggest recent campaign scoops—Barack Obama's "bitter" bomb and Bill Clinton's "scumbag" tirade—originated not with the mainstream media but with a 61-year-old Oakland resident who blogs for the Huffington Post. The New Yorker visits with Mayhill Fowler, who ruminates about her exclusives and expresses... More »

7 Stories