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Komen 'Overreach' Is Wake-Up Call for Women

This could change the conversation on reproductive rights: Salon columnists

(Newser) - The Susan G. Komen for the Cure controversy is a very big deal for women's reproductive rights, maybe the biggest in decades, write Salon columnists Rebecca Traister and Joan Walsh. "The overreach by the Komen foundation, while surely intended to strike yet another blow on the side of... More »

Abortion Fight Erupts Over Pregnant Girl, 10

Raped Mexican girl wasn't told she could abort

(Newser) - An abortion rights battle is heating up in Mexico, with activists claiming officials didn't tell a 10-year-old girl raped by her stepfather that she could abort her fetus. In the girl's state of Quintana Roo, abortion is only legal in cases of rape, and only during the first 3 months... More »

Stupak Is the Last Straw—No More Caving!

Women should not 'take one for the team' on abortion coverage

(Newser) - Painting the Stupak-Pitts amendment as a necessary evil—a concession women should make for the “greater good” of health care reform—is ridiculous, Katha Pollitt writes. Women have been consistently sidelined by the “theocrats and male chauvinists” throwing their weight around in the Democratic Party. “Why don't... More »

Stiffed Surrogate Moms Face Tough Decision

What's a mother to do? It's up to her, says Salon

(Newser) - Surrogate moms-to-be who have learned they've been stiffed by out-of-cash firms that arranged their pregnancies face a major decision. The only way for these women to quit "working" is to obtain abortions, notes William Saletan in Slate. He fervently hopes the women will see their pregnancies through. So what's... More »

Dem Groups Loyal to Obama Despite Snubs

Prez won't kiss up to activists, but pushes liberal agenda

(Newser) - President Obama is publicly ignoring and even criticizing the liberal interest groups feverishly courted by past presidents. He has chastised the teachers’ union, skipped the State of the Black Union (again), and eschewed fanfare when restoring funding to groups that promote abortion. But activists remain loyal anyway, Politico reports, because... More »

Why Obama Keeps Quiet on Abortion

Why pro-choice advocates are tepid on the Freedom of Choice Act

(Newser) - President Obama has promised to pass a "Freedom of Choice Act" to ban abortion restrictions, yet hasn't lifted a finger; nor have pro-choice advocates raised a fuss. With Democrats in Congress and a liberal national mood, why not strike now? Because the controversy over partial-birth abortion settled the... More »

Obama Seeks Common Ground on Abortion

President focuses on reducing unwanted pregnancies

(Newser) - President Obama is hoping a nuanced approach can soften the debate over one of the most contentious issues in America: abortion, writes Rob Stein in the Washington Post. Since taking office, Obama has lifted a Republican ban on funding international aid groups that provide abortion services, but also persuaded House... More »

Obama Reviews Abortion Rules

Bush's abstinence initiatives, Reagan's 'gag rule' could go way of dodo.

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s transition team is hard at work deciding how and when to undo the Bush administration’s abortion policies, the Wall Street Journal reports. Bush’s ban on federal stem cell research funding will be among the first to go—a move that has broad bipartisan support—along... More »

McCain Won't Rule Out Pro-Choice VP

(Newser) - John McCain would consider a run for the White House with a pro-choice veep at his side, ABC News reports. When asked about Tom Ridge, McCain told the Weekly Standard that the former Homeland Security chief shouldn’t be “ruled out” for the No. 2 job because he supports... More »

Anti-Abortion Groups Use Grand Juries on Foes

New/old weapon springs from 19th-century statute

(Newser) - Anti-abortion activists in Kansas are using an obscure 19th-century statute to convene grand juries to hear evidence against abortion-performing doctors, the New York Times reports. In several states, citizens who collect enough signatures can circumvent prosecutors and order their own investigation of an alleged crime. A Kansas doctor, for example,... More »

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